Amalfi coast

Many European coasts compete with each other to be the most beautiful on the continent. One of them is Costiera Amalfitana, the Amalfi Coast. It’s situated in Italy, in the southern part of the peninsula of Sorrento. The main town of the coast is the resort of the same name.

According to the legend, Amalfi was named by Hercules, in honor of his great love. A beautiful nymph died in mysterious circumstances and desperate hero wandered the world to find a decent burial place for his beloved girl. And he found it in a wide cleft in the region of Campania, amidst the coastal rocks.

Today, Amalfi is just a small town with many historical monuments, including the great cathedral of St. Andrew, founded in the early 11th century. The access to it is provided by impressive, much younger stairs, while the atrium of the temple offers the most beautiful view of the entire city. Equally interesting is the Paper Museum with rich exposures. In the past, the inhabitants of the region were famous for manual paper kneading, they were also one of the first sailors, who used the compass.

Rocking on the waves

Resort is the largest and the most interesting town of the coast. It impresses visitors with intimate atmosphere, picturesqueness of the alleys and the charm of whitewashed courtyards. It tempts visitors from different countries with mild climate, ideal for relaxation.

One of its virtues are wide beaches with golden powdery sand and the beauty of the underwater world - the local rocks and caves hidden under the surface of crystal clear water attract hundreds of scuba diving enthusiasts. For them, the main attraction is Smeraldo, the Emerald Grotto. Inside, we move by a boat, which reminds a bit of those kind-hearted rafts known from Dunajec rafting. During sightseeing we’re accompanied by a guide, and the whole expedition takes about fifteen minutes. Smeraldo is a smaller competitor of Azure Grotto from Capri – it’s more intimate, there’re no queues and the admission ticket is cheaper.

While resting in a boat on the waters of Amalfi, it’s worth to take a look at Valon di Furore, a gorge linked by a high bridge, from which eager for adrenaline rush daredevils jump straight into the water.

The monuments of the coast

Amalfi isn’t the only coastal town, which is worth visiting during the holidays. In Ravello, there’s a Coral Museum, which stores the original artifacts made ​​of coral skeletons. The most valuable of them date back to the 3rd century. In another resort, Vietri, is the Museum of Ceramics, presenting equally interesting collections.

Apart from the traces of the past, the coast attracts with other attractions, including fine local cuisine. The region is famous for the tastiest lemons in the Mediterranean Sea. They’re used in the production of delicious liqueur, lemonade, and sweets. It’s worth mentioning that the best ice cream can be bought in the main square. Hand- made gliatelli-type pasta, cocce and cannarocinita, are also famous for their exquisite taste.

Where to stay?

And which place is best for the stay? A good idea is Campeggio Beata Solitudo, located about 2 km west of Amalfi. For the parking space for motorhome and accommodation for 2 persons, we’ll pay from 15 to 16.5 euros per night. The access to electricity costs 2 euros.

Coming to this charming coast is a great option for lovers of peace and serenity. Close proximity to Pompeii, Capri, Positano or Sorrento, is quite a significant virtue of Amalfi as an ideal starting point for further trips. And we won’t find another place, where we can try such exquisite lemon liqueurs or pastas.

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