Beaches of Lefkada

Holidays on a deck chair, on a blanket or under an umbrella? Blissful relaxation on the sand, with the breeze bringing the salty taste of water? If someone’s dreaming of such vacations, will find a place where it’s possible to recharge the batteries for the upcoming year.

The Greek island of Lefkada boasts of the many, breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Sand belts hidden among the rocks can be found in so many places, that despite the relatively small size of the island it’s difficult to visit them all.

Pearl of Lefkada - Porto Katsiki

Most of the pictures of Lefkada shows Porto Katsiki. There’s no denying that white rocks, coves and almost frighteningly azure water is extremely photogenic. On the left side of the beach sometimes appear quite strong waves, while the right side is peaceful, though you shouldn’t lounge too close to the rocks. A special line (rope) separates the safe strip of the beach from land, which is forbidden to use due to falling stones.

If you feel hungry, you don’t have to leave the beach and climb uphill to one of the few restaurants - the food can be ordered with delivery straight to your blanket.

Egremni - gold for the persistent ones

Another beach is Egremni, considered by many to be the queen of Lefkada. It’s long, wide and presents the azure waters in an amazing way (perhaps it’s the most beautiful view on this side of the island). The shore is quite shallow, which would be ideal for kids, but in some places emerge waves that could tear the swimwear of your body. On the beach you can occasionally see flashes of naked breasts - part of the beach is for nudists, but amateurs of topless sunbathing can be found in every place, not only here.

Egremni is sandy and pebbly at the same time, so it’s worth equipping in appropriate shoes before visiting it. And it would be nice if your condition was good - the beach is beautiful, but in order to get to it, you have to cover more than 300 stairs. Walk down may not be difficult, but after a long day spent on the beach, climbing up the steep wooden steps, and then equally steep stone slabs, isn’t anything pleasant. At the top there’s a restaurant, from where you can watch people coming back from the beach, while eating Greek salad, pita or refreshing Greek yoghurt with honey.

Pefkoulia-hidden among the rocks

In the north-western part of the island there’s Pefkoulia, beautifully sunlit beach. It’s smaller than its friends, but in terms of beauty is second to none. If someone’s going to spend the whole day on sunbathing, should prepare some food, otherwise the only possibility to eat something would be a visit to one and only restaurant, which is located in the area. Not a cheap one, we should add.

Pefkoulia’s advantage is the location. It's easy to get to it by car, in the vicinity there’s also a bus stop. You can park your motorhome directly on the beach. It’s a very nice place, friendly for everyone, as opposed to hard-to-reach beauty Egremni that has to be reached like mountain peaks.

Shy Agiofili

Lefkada Coast is full of many wonderful places. There’re several beaches with coves, and each of them has its own charm. One of them is a small Agiofili, located in the southern part, near the resort of Vasiliki. You can get from it to the neighboring islands, or you can spend a romantic evening with your loved one.

It’s impossible not to say a word about the beach located near the charming town of Agios Nikitas. When strolling along the main path, to be accosted by the service of one of the many taverns and cafes. As a result, not knowing when, you sit down at the table with the menu card in your hand. It’s not bothering, because the owners are friendly, and not pushy. Such affection can be seen throughout the island.

Lefkada offers many beaches – beautiful, sandy, pebbly, widely available, and those, which require a bit of effort to get to. There are beaches that are crowded, but there’re also places almost deserted. Everyone will find something suitable, and will fill like in a paradise.

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2014.09.24 09:01
Nice beaches. Water looks so clear - Good place for honeymoon - don't know why :-)
2014.09.23 15:58
Greece, greece hehe. Nice article, but I prefer Rhodos. Greetings from Rhodes Island ;)
2014.09.23 09:49
Greece Greece - my love, can wait to go back

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