Bikini Skiing

Bikini Skiing in Russia - GUINNESS RECORD

Those, who get chills when they only see what’s outside the window, should travel in mind to the frosty Siberia, and imagine people skiing only in trunks. Time for bikini skiing!

Skiing or snowboarding is associated with a sport performed at low temperatures, not to mention the frost. Hence, preparing to move to the slopes, we dress appropriately to stay warm while not overheating. Sport shops are full of suitable assortment just for this type of winter sports. Meanwhile, schussing on the powder snow in clothing typical for the summer and the beach, namely bikini, enjoys an ever-growing success. It’s difficult to assess who have more fun, the skiers or observers.

In fact, bikini skiing should not be to us, "mere mortals," a wonder. After all, everyone has heard of winter swimming and people, who like to dip in icy cold water. Many of them compare swimming in summer to swimming in a warm jelly, and they feel the real pleasure of this sport, when the temperature is below zero. So why not to go skiing, wearing only shorts and sunglasses?

If the Guinness record, then... Russia

This year we had the opportunity to hear about bikini skiing thanks to the loud event of beating the record of the number of scantily clad skiers gathered in one place. The previous one belonged to the Canadians, who managed to collect 250 daredevils, nonetheless their performance wasn’t listed in the Book of Records.

The residents of the brown bear country decided to beat the record with a great pomp and gathered in Sheregesh, a town known as Russian ski resort, located in Tashtagolsky District of Kemerovo Oblast. On the April 20th 2013, during the Festival of Grelk, approximately 700 skiers descended the slope, constituting at the same time a new record of bikini skiing. The temperature reached -10 degrees, it was beautiful and sunny – perfect for a good fun in the south of Siberia.

Siberia, Yeti and bikini

Sheregesh was already famous in the past, exuding an aura of mystery and a place visited by the Snow Man. Yeti is said to inhabit the cave Azasskaya in Mountain Shoria. Someone saw him, someone heard him, someone stumbled upon him, anyway, the legend was so strong, that there was a theme amusement park built. The Yeti Village is to be completed within two years, and now raises a great interest of tourists. So far, the visitors can devote their attention to temperamental enthusiasts of skiing and snowboarding, schussing on the slopes almost naked. In order not to favor only the female sex, we emphasize that men also are not afraid of the cold. Many will pass us speeding, clad only in shorts.

World Snowboard Guide gave Sheregesh the title of the best ski resort in Russia. Looking at the vastness of the country, it is a great honor, really well deserved. Snow remains here for over half a year, and its excellent quality (the snow is dry and fluffy) allows to achieve high-speed on the slopes.

Bikini skiing just across the border

We have quite a few kilometers to Siberian resort - more than 5,000. Those, interested in a hot atmosphere on the slopes can focus on the offer of one of the Slovak ski resorts. In March of this year, Jasna Chopok held a great event, Bikini Skiing 2013. Dozens of people took part in a crazy fun in the snow, and Polish daredevils won the titles of Miss and Mister of Bikini Ski. Those, who couldn’t show up in Jasna this year, or didn’t know about the event, can go there in a few months. Event organizers promise, that it will be a lot bigger and a lot more pompous.

There is no use in wait, it's time to prepare ski and take your swimsuit out of the closet.

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