Bird demons of Fethiye

Turkey is a market where we can choose a seafood, fish and other sea food, and restaurateur course prepares them according to our own recipe. This market in Fethiye, tourist resort with a shot some pictures for "Skyfall". Of the role of James Bond without memory fell in love with this city.

Lycian Coast of Turkey is a region in which lies countless attractions. One of his main centers, Fethiye, is very popular among tourists seeking primarily peace and rest. The town is surrounded by mountains and the sea, and absorb the Mediterranean atmosphere allows you to forget about the busy world, to which you will need to come back after the holiday.

Things to do in Fethiye

Although in the Fethiye no beaches, the resort is nothing to attract tourists. Cragos mountains enveloping the bay and blue water in combination with a slightly dreamy atmosphere create a climate of haste and remoteness from the concerns of the great world. Today, these places are less and less.

Getting to Fethiye is not a major problem. From the city of Antalya lead to two bus routes: one runs along the coast, and the second, shorter, is inland. Tourist center is located approx. 5 km from the heart of Fethiye and Calis called. Stands there are many hotels, and persons residing in them have access to the pebble and shingle beach.

Tourists visiting the city sooner or later they will come to the port. Full of life, and besides, fishing boats and ships it also affects the stately yachts. You can stroll along the promenade to the port - not only appeal to lovers of romantic walks. By the way, you have to mention that in Fethiye begins one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Turkey, which Lycian Trail, leading through the Taurus Mountains.

Fly on the wings of a bird

This popular Turkish resort is popular especially for lovers of learning history. Virtually anywhere in Fethiye, we can admire carved in the rocks above the city Galician tombs, from the fourth century BC For the historical attractions of the city include the ruins of a Roman amphitheater. Fethiye lies on the foundations of the ancient Telmessos, the biggest city of Lycia. Until 1934 was called Megri, and the new was given in honor of the pilot Fethi Bey, one of the first who died in the struggle for the independence of Turkey.

According to the beliefs Lycian after death, the soul moves through the world of alien birds (demons that have taken on their form). To facilitate their task, the people of the region to build the tombs of the tops of high cliffs. Many of them reminds homes. Belonging to the elite tombs ordered a large complex of the pillars, while the less wealthy chose sarcophagi. All tombs carved into the rocks are decorated with reliefs, mostly depicting scenes from the funeral ceremony. One of the most beautiful, and certainly the biggest is the tomb of Amyntas.

Astonishing silence ears will also find typical European approx. 8 km from Fethiye. Kaya is a ghost town (called City of Ghosts), which is almost 400 empty houses. Greeks left them displaced in 1923. Currently houses being destroyed - not inhabited them again, considering them to be cursed. You can explore on a fixed route (for a fee), or set a route alone.

Beautiful neighbor

View of a steep mountain range surrounded by the bay made in memory of each person who will come to Fethiye. But that's not all great views that can be seen here. In the immediate vicinity of the resort is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is divine Ölüdeniz. Language mainland, marvelous lagoon and wide, sandy beach, and to the crystal-clear water - in this neighborhood, you can spend your holidays life and not miss civilization.

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