Canyoning on Lake Garda – a breath-taking sport

Canyoning is one of those sports which keeps with bated breath both those who practice it and the ones who suspiciously peer at it while comfortably sprawling amid the nature.

Actually, this activity, which consists in descending creeks flowing inside rocky canyons, should not be considered a dangerous sport if practiced with the right preparation and equipment, as it happens in the Garda Trentino area.

How is the descent carried out?

On foot: the only support you have is a rope which helps you not to fall down! The creeks which run down these marvelous mountains are perfect to experience strong and powerful feelings, but it must be practiced only with expert guides in devoted canyoning centers.

They could provide you with all the necessary equipment and information you need to make the most out of this adventure! Diving suit, helmet and a bit of racing pulse (okay, maybe this wasn’t part of the equipment, but the adrenaline helps you to stay young!).

The descent can have different degrees of difficulty and it is practiced thanks to a mix of hiking and mountaineering techniques as expert guides will explain you.


Canyoning is really a funny and charged-up sport, but you need also to respect few simple rules, as not to turn it into a risky activity (it’s also suitable for children aged 10-11 and more). The best period to practice canyoning is approximately from spring to autumn when mild temperatures allow to spend some hours in the open air without suffering from cold weather.

Canyons, ditches.. canyoning is not only a sport, but rather it offers the unique opportunity to get completely lost into the often closed-off nature. Diving, swimming, exploring, climbing down to discover rocks perfectly smoothed by the powerful water, by Mother Nature’s forging force.

Magic and emotion (and much more)..this is practicing canyoning in an area like Garda Trentino, a place naturally devoted to this activity; manyfold tours in fact start from here to the surrounding valleys! You could live a wonderful adventure if you trust in the several local canyoning centers. So now you have just to choose to take up this exciting sport, in a heap of pathos, adrenaline and thrill… you know what? You don’t even have to worry about the weather: being it hot or cold, sunny or rainy, you will always end soaked outside, but with a huge sun inside you!

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