Chasing Blue - Seychelles

Chasing Blue - Seychelles

Sandy, deserted beaches and the average temperature of up to 30°C are the advantages of the Seychelles, marvelous islands located on the Indian Ocean. There you can find the biggest coconuts in the world, and among the rare species of birds we can see the familiar stork, who comes here for winter.

The azure waters of Croatia are amazing, equally beautiful is the sea in Greece. When looking on the Thai bays you immediately think "paradise", as well as when seeing the coast of Malaysia. However, there are places whose beauty is just impossible to describe. To say "paradise" wouldn’t be enough. Such a place are the islands of Seychelles - 115 pearls scattered on the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. From Poland you can get there only with a change in Munich, Rome, Paris, Milan or London. The International Airport in Victoria is operated by several airlines, including Air Seychelles

The beauty of raw nature

Out of the 115 islands of the Seychelles the biggest are: Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette. On the first is the capital town, Victoria, and the island can be explored within three hours. The second largest, Praslin is famous for Praslin National Park, which includes the Vallée de Mai nature reserve. It extends over an area of 39 km², and its beauty and the presence of an extremely rare species of animals and plants caused that in 1983 it was inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the reserve you can see the fruits of impressive sizes and somewhat cheeky look. Speaking of coconuts coco-de-mer, a species that can be met only in the Seychelles. Male fruits resemble the shape of a penis, and female - wide feminine hips. They can weigh up even to 20 kg. In the past they were used for the production of love potions and various drugs and their prices were extremely high. Today... they’re also available only to the wealthy people, but not necessarily millionaires.

On the Seychelles you can meet birds that live only in this corner of the world. From October the islands start to be inhabited also by newcomers from Europe and Asia, including the white stork, who clearly loves wintering on the islands.

Small paradise for big money

Speaking of the Seychelles, you have to remember about the financial issue. Weekly stay on Alphonse Island costs approx. 20 300 PLN per person (4 800 EUR). If the island will be visited by a fishing enthusiast, he will pay approx. 26 000 PLN (2 900 EUR), and this price includes the fishing rod, boat and a professional fish catcher to help. As you can see, it’s definitely not a trip for everyone. Of course, it can always be more expensive - on the Caribbean island of Calivigny the costs of a stay in a house with 2 bedrooms can cost 30 000, but dollars. for one night.

One of the most expensive Seychelles islands is Saint Anne. Tourists with thick wallets can enjoy exquisite restaurants, which can be reached on foot or by melex. The island has only one hotel, but even though there’s no need to be worried about the crowds. On the beach you can forget about the world and listen to the sound of the ocean, lying in a hammock, on a blanket or reclining chair. Nothing will disturb the peaceful swimming or diving - with or without a mask.

Holiday of a lifetime

The people of Seychelles are the descendants of newcomers from around the world, from all continents. You can communicate with the locals in English, French and Creole. In hotels, restaurants, dive centers and petrol stations, tourists can only pay in euro (or credit card), but in an ordinary shop, you can use rupees. While here, it’s worth taking a look at the rich Creole cuisine, especially seafood dishes and fish. On stalls on the beach we can buy delicious fruits and rum - national Creole liquor.

You can talk about Seychelles endlessly. And when you visit it, its beauty will leave you speechless. Just like that.

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