Discover the faces of Sicily - by motorhome through the sunny island

Often called the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is one of the most charming and extraordinary places for the dreamed of holidays. Roaming through it and the nearby islands with a motorhome, you are able to see its true, sometimes even untouched by civilization side, which fascinates and leaves unforgettable memories.

The faces of Sicily

Sicily has grown out of the sea as an effect of a volcanic eruption. That’s the reason why the topography here is so interesting, and the parts of the island differ largely. On the north high mountains majestically look upon the azure of the sea, while on the south large beaches extend for long kilometres, while being washed away by the clearest water in the Mediterranean Sea. The eastern part of Sicily is often called the Greek part, due to many ancient ruins, while the western part is called Arabic, because it astonishes tourists with its cultural mix and a constant chaos. Starting your trip with a motorhome on this amazing island, it might be a good idea to separate it into stages. Be prepared, that while you change your location, you will feel as if you had entered a different country all together.

Incredible views, crowded streets and you

The rocky coast in the northern part of the island is filled with climatic gulfs and intimate beaches, which are the perfect place for diving. Walking by the sea isn’t easy, but surely is filled with surprising discoveries of uninhabited, heavenly beaches, almost like the ones from tropical travel agency brochures. Driving by the coastline, you can’t miss Palermo, which besides crowded street has a lot to offer, such as situated on hills and lasting for kilometres lives plantations and a curious market, where singing marketers offer fresh seafood, juicy fruit and other traditional, Italian snacks. The shopping made there, will surely be useful during the afternoon’s grill next to a motorhome parked on a hill. Supper with fresh octopus or shrimps with the burning sun going down behind the horizon will surely be successful. While being in the north it is necessary to visit the National Park Nebrodi. You have to be prepared for the curvy roads and narrow streets, which will be recompensed by the picturesque views, untouched by any human nature and small villages, where the Sicily traditions are cultivated since the beginning of time. From here you can go only to one place: Etna. This steaming, active volcano can be seen with a guide. Numerous small craters and secret caves make an almost moon like landscape. Etna’s untamed character, making it throw out steam or lava can get you scared to your bone.

Earned rest on the golden beach

After the extraordinary experiences of the north you can travel towards the western coast, where numerous small towns await you. There you can feel the real vibe of the loud Sicily, but also there you can taste the best of what Sicily has to offer. Stop in small restaurants on your way, they will greet you with the traditional tastes of caponata and cuccii. To cool yourself down, don’t forget to try the ice cream – you are in Italy after all, which is famous for it. In the evening sit down by your vehicle and try the exquisite wine. In the tastes of Nero D'Avola, Marsala or Etna, you can once again feel the hot sun of the island, which indulges the grapes as well. The perfect camping for resting in Sicily is Helios Camping, situated on a beach in a small town Triscina di Selinunte. Here you can end your trip, laying on the golden sand by the azure of the crackle sea, while numerous amenities such as Wi-Fi or the ability to rent kayaks will make the time you spend there fruitful and pleasant.

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