Eze Valdiney

Eze, a place that soothes the senses

The charm of narrow streets dotted with flowery terraces overlooking the bay – that’s how Eze looks like. This beautiful village of the French Riviera will appeal to everyone, who will visit it. It’s the best treatment for troubled senses.

The charming town of Eze lies on a rocky French coast, almost 500 meters above sea level. You can get to it by following a picturesque road, winding up patiently. The top of the hill on which Eze is located, can be reached after paying a fee. During climbing a lot of people is going to remind themselves about the fear of heights, but it’s worth suffering at least for a while - after reaching the place great views will appear in front of our eyes. On sunny days you can see Corsica and Saint-Tropez, while in the distance you can see the bridge, which leads the way to Eze.

The city of ​​Nietzsche

Eze is a medieval town with tightly cuddled houses and dark alleys. Everything in it is tiny, gives the impression of being huddled and timid. But it has its charm. Walt Disney fell in love in it not without a reason and Alfred Hitchcock filmed here one of the scenes to his movie.

Eze also enchanted such silhouettes as Bono, George Sand, Bill Clinton and Friedrich Nietzsche. The latter came here really depressed because of his life's setbacks. After some time, he found a solace and tranquility among olive trees, pine trees and flowers. Today, you can stroll down the path of Nietzsche, running from the village to the seaside area - Eze Bord-de-Mer. Apparently, the author of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" himself wandered this way, traversing the route from the post office to the Eagle's Nest.

Flowery Eze

Although the name of the town may not sound French, the village of Eze is situated in the middle of the French Riviera and is truly romantic in a French way. Perfume factory, Fragonard, has its headquarters here. The Exotic Garden surrounding the fortress, as well as dozens of tiny cafes and terraces offer an amazing view of the beautiful panorama of the bay. The whole village is wonderfully flowery, which only makes it more charming. In such a sweet, delightful place it’s clear that the French language comes from everywhere – and it’s melodic, soft, as if created to describe love.

Tourists can admire the beauty of landscapes at any time, which is due to the altitude at which Eze is located. Wandering through the narrow streets, at every step we face a view of the bay stretching hundreds of meters below. Blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea flicker between the walls of cottages, teasing the eyes. Well, but after all, this is Cote d'Azur, and it cannot be otherwise.

It’s best to visit Eze before the season, in May or early June. It’s not that crowded then, and besides in every sunny corner of the village there’re hundreds of flowers. It's the perfect place for couples - both at the beginning of a relationship, as well as those with longer experience.

Campings in Eze

Eze has only one disadvantage – it’s not for everyone. It has to be won, waiting at the end of a narrow road. The access to it is a quite problematic, especially for people, who came here with a bigger car, not to mention the motorhome. However, nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to getting to know so beautiful place. After reaching the top of the hill you can go back down and relax. Those, who are looking for accommodation can stay at Camping de la Laune, located about 20 km north of Eze. For a parking space for motorhome and a nightly accommodation for 2 people you will have to pay from 19.50 to 24.50 euros.

Access to electricity costs 4.50 euros, and if you want to come with a pet it will cost you from 2 to 3 euros.

After a trip to Eze the sleep will be very nice. We’ll be left with beautiful memories of the sea of flowers growing on top of the hill and azure waters.

Eze Eze Eze Eze Eze

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