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South Tyrol is beautiful throughout the year. Very diverse landscape consists of broad, picturesque valleys, sunny plateaus and green hills. More than 1600 farms invite you to the region for the best holidays.

As the temperature rises, the inhabitants of blocks and gated communities feel the need to escape from grey cities. It increases with each week, to reach the peak in the season of vacations and holiday trips. Where to go to relax away from big cities and to grasp a bit of fresh air? An answer, and at the same time help will be the association Red Rooster, offering many opportunities for people who decided to go on the so-called “haycation”.

Red Rooster offer

Red Rooster is an association, whose activities are focused on the promotion of rural tourism in South Tyrol. However, it’s different than the rural tourism known in Poland - you can describe it as a calmer, fully focused on contact with nature. Guests can choose among over 1,600 tourist farms, and particular can be divided into those, whose activity is focused on fruit-farming, animal husbandry and cultivation of the grapes. Tourists can stay on the farm and fully participate in its life. Thus they can see for themselves that rural life is inextricably linked with the cycle of the changing seasons. Depending on the month in which you visit the farm, you will enjoy different sort of attractions, which guarantee holidays perfectly suited to your needs.

Red Rooster gives visitors the opportunity to choose their ideal farm. People wishing to relax in nature can select the farm, where they could buy homemade food products. Going to the farm is an unforgettable experience for everyone, especially for children – they can get to know animals living on the farm, look at their customs, feed them etc. When choosing the farm you may take into consideration its distance from the attractions like lakes or ski slopes, as well as city ​​center or the nearest bus stop.

During your stay on the farm, you can prepare your own food or enjoy the dishes served by the owners. Those willing to can order only breakfast, half board or full board. Delicious homemade meals made ​​with natural ingredients - who wouldn’t want to take advantage of such opportunity?

Holidays in South Tyrol

In this region, farming has always been a big part of life. Farms located at an altitudes up to 1000 meters depend mainly on fruit-farming and vineyards, while those located higher are mostly dairy farms. Red Rooster actively supports their activity, helping them with business development. Thanks to the association, farms can advertise their services and products to a wider audience, and tourists have a guarantee of great holidays. Both interested in closer contact with nature, and the owners of rural farms are very satisfied with this form of cooperation.

Information about the offer of all farms is available on Red Rooster homepage

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2014.03.16 19:02
Nice. In the end of july we plan a trip to Tyrol :-) However, we have the opportunity to stay with friends near a small town, not on a farm. Only small lakes and mountains.. can't wait :-) Pozdravy
2014.03.16 16:03
South Tyrol is one of my favourite places. Especially early Summer.
2014.03.16 15:53
I've spet couple of days in the Tyrol, it wasn't a farm, as You described in the article but very similar. We were just eating local food - very good by the way.

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