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Fishing village - Volendam

Above the former Dutch sea there’s Volendam, the village where you can have a delicious, freshly smoked mackerel, herring or eel. From the promenade you can see the unique village on stilts, while in the neighboring city you can visit a cheese market.

Volendam is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the lake IJsselmeer. Most often it’s visited by people, who after seeing Amsterdam want to get acquaint with the closest attractions of the region. It’s located in the province of North Holland, in the municipality of Edam-Volendam.

The taste of smoked fish

After arriving in town, tourists will definitely notice its picturesqueness and idyllic atmosphere. The area is full of peat fields and countless birds’ breeds. It’s a paradise for anglers. From the shore you can admire something very unique - a village on stilts. Volendam is also distinguished by the fact that it’s a Catholic enclave in the Protestant province.

The town became famous because of a delicious smoked eel and traditional music. It’s debatable which of these two things attracts more tourists. Or maybe guests are tempted by the unique atmosphere of an old fishing village with fish stalls and charming green-white houses made of wood? The reason for that may also be an intriguing, very exclusive community that lives on its own rhythm and wears regional costumes not only during festivals.

The main promenade of Volendam runs along dikes separating the town from the lake - north and south of the harbor. Just like tomatoes on flower beds, souvenir shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors stand along it neatly side by side. As befits the center crowded with tourists, the prices here are the highest. In addition to the promenade, you can find a cozy café or restaurant where dinner will be equally delicious, and certainly cheaper than on the promenade.

Speaking of food, it’s worth mentioning that the city adjacent to Volendam is Edam, where you can visit a popular cheese market. Similar are also organized in two Dutch: centers Alkmaar and Gouda.

Marken – a village on stilts

It’s difficult to keep the identity and stick with tradition when the peace of the settlement in which you live is disturbed by the crowds of tourists. But the population of Marken, a small village lying near Volendam has no problem with it. In the past, the village was regularly flooded during storms and tides. Over time, the inhabitants secured against the elemental attacks, by building houses on stilts.

Today Marken is connected to the mainland by a causeway. It looks like it was suspended in time and space. Wooden houses standing on stilts in the water like flamingos on one leg are a very unique phenomenon.

Equally interesting is also the story of the creation of the lake. It was once connected with the waters of the North Sea and was named the South Sea. Over time the dam was created, and the seas were separated from each other, thus converting one of them in lake. In the 70s of the last century another dam was built, which separated the southern part from IJsselmeer. It was named Markermeer.

Camping near Volendam

Those, who were simply enchanted by the atmosphere of this place (which is probably most of the tourists, who came here with a visit), will enjoy the opportunity of choosing the accommodation close to the village on stilts. At a distance of approx. 3.5 km from Marken and 10 km from Volendam, there’s Camping Jachthaven Uitdam. It’s situated on the lake Markermeer, and guarantees peace and quiet of the open space (the area is protected), surrounded by water, which is inhabited by countless species of birds. It’s enwrapped by peat fields and filled with the gentle sound of sugar canes.

Two people, who came with motorhome, will pay 25 euros per night. The price includes the access to electricity. The location of the campsite allows you to enjoy all the attractions associated with water, starting from the relaxation on the beach, trough swimming and surfing, ending with water skis and fishing. In such a beautiful place you don’t need more to be happy.

For more campsites in Netherlands you can look for in our campsite list.

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