Arco de Marbella

Golf Valley - Marbella

Marbella is a resort located on Spanish Costa del Sol, and it’s adored by golfers. It’s famous for its long and sandy beach, yacht ports, historical buildings, magnificent cuisine and… high prices.

Which city of the old continent has the highest per capita income in Europe? In which we can see the biggest number of Rolls Royces on the street? First association is London, but right after London we have Marbella – a luxury seaside resort situated on the Mediterranean Sea on Costa del Sol.

Holidays in Marbella

Marbella isn’t too big and thus might be crowded in the summer. Tourists aren’t frightened away by high prices (small beer costs 7 euro) or not too efficient public transport. One of the town’s advantages is the beautiful beach and a guarantee of perfect weather in the season. In summer it practically doesn’t rain at all here and the temperature remains at 30 degrees. Thanks to the proximity to the coast and the sea breeze it’s not stifling, but it`s good to hide in the shadow between 2-5 PM, drinking ice tea or mint drink. It`s worth to remember not to go barefoot to the beach – the coarse-grained sand heats up very fast.

Resort tempts tourists with abundance of restaurants, which serve dishes from around the world. It’s worth to try paella, which is really the best. Marbella bustles with life day and night, thanks to the numerous bars and discos, the majority of which is located in nearby Puerto Banus (Puerto José Banús). It`s a luxury haven and one of the biggest entertainment centers on Costa del Sol. Glitter and wealth can be seen everywhere. Celebrities, like George Clooney or Antonio Banderas have their mansions here. Tourists will quickly get accustomed with the sight of cars like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Ferrari, not to mention yachts, which proudly sway in the marina.

Wandering through the streets of Marbella

Marbella is beautiful both from side of the see and land. Apart from the beach straight from the folders, Marbella attracts tourist with historic old city, sacred buildings and untypical conjunction of Muslim trends with Christian culture. The old part of the resort is focused around the Plaza de los Naranjos, The Orange Square, around which – as the name suggests - grow orange trees. It’s located away from modern buildings, deep into the land, and till today it`s surrounded by fortifications. It’s cut by narrow, climatic streets full of slender sculptures by Salvador Dali.

When you get acquaint with monuments at the square, it’s worth to explore park La Alameda. It`s a place where we can relax and enjoy the view of amazing fountains and lush greenery. We can continue the walk along the promenade Avenida del Mar.

Golf Valley

Not without a reason the city is known as Golf Valley. Golfers love it, and it’s not surprising. Almost 60, or a half of Andalusian golf courses is located in the province of Malaga. Amateurs of this elitist sport come to the resort from around the world to train here. Therefore, Marbella is the most cosmopolitical town of the region. It’s most likely visited by Germans, English and Swedes, and each year more tourists from Poland are visiting it too.

People interested in an overnight stay in a motorhome, can stop at Camping Cabopino, located approximately12 kilometers east from Marbella. On the area of the campsite we can find a lot of shops and restaurants. The accommodation for an adult costs, regardless of the season, 4,75-7,20 euro/night, an access to electricity costs 4 euro, while for a place for your vehicle you have to pay 5,75 - 10,40 euro/night.

Marbella is called a pride of Costa del Sol. Here you can spend magnificent vacations, you can go surfing, sailing or just walking by the streets of the old city. And on the evening you can sit in one of numerous cafes, discos or restaurants and savor the climate of this charming, Andalusian town. And who knows, maybe you`ll meet here some celebrities.

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