Heviz - Hungarian wive and Indian lotuses

Hungary is known in the whole world for its health resorts and hot springs. Budapest- the beautiful and slightly melancholic capital, is sometimes referred to as the largest resort in Europe (the city has 123 shots of hot spring water). Not everyone wants to make use of the therapeutic properties of the water, in the chaos of the great, after all European metropolis. For all those who want to enjoy their holidays in peace and quite with thermal heat, we are suggesting the small resorts scattered throughout the whole Hungary. For example Heviz.


Heviz is situated on the west of Balaton and the north of the border with Croatia. In its centre there is a thermal lake, with the same name as the town. The village is rather small (four thousand citizens), so we can boldly say, that the lake takes up a large part of its area.

Peace, quiet and warm water

Of course every year tens of people travel to Heviz in need of treatments or rehabilitation. Even so, the healthy and vigorous tourists still find something to do here. The Heviz Lake is the second largest natural thermal reservoir in Europe. Holidays in Heviz gives us the ability to facilitate the hot springs in the direct surrounding of nature. Let’s combine here the experiences of resorts and for example Masuria Lakes. We can lie in natural, warm water and look at the forest all around. Around us there would be huge red lotuses (brought to Hungary from India!), which adds an exotic pinch to our holiday.

As is expected of a resort, Heviz offers a large variety of spa services/ Tourists can use the saunas, swimming pools, cryochambers or finally services of masseuse.

When we have already warmed and tired ourselves out, we can go for a walk. The neighbouring forests are dense and intersected by a regular net of trails. We can wander around for hours meeting no one in that time.

The town is, as I have already mentioned, very small. It seems to be set up entirely for tourists. Restaurants offering traditional, Hungarian cuisine are omnipresent. Through the whole summer on a small square in the city centre there is a fair, where we can buy regional souvenirs and sweets.

For the active

Heviz has a lot to offer to those of tourists that like to spend their holidays actively. To the bank of Balaton we can get from here in less than 15 minutes. As we all know very well, the Hungarian see offers a large variety of water activities.

At the Balaton for some time now wakeboarding has gained popularity. These are lifts, similar to the skiing lifts that pull the thrill fans on the surface of the lake on special type of boards. Of course, on can be more traditional and rent a sailboat or just lie on the beach.

Balaton coast is also a good direction if we are in the mood for a party. In some of the cities at the enormous lake the parties are constant. This therefore gives us a choice, of whether we want to spend our evenings in the calm Heviz or maybe in the more lively and vibrant with music Keszthely.

Campsites in Heviz in Hungary

In Heviz there are a few camping sites, where one can rent a place for his motorhome (out of which one is literally a hundred metres from the thermal lake). Every fan of caravanning will surely find a place for themselves here. If by some unpleasant coincidence all the places were taken, one can go to the Keszthely a few kilometres further and there user the services of Castrum Camping.

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