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Holidays on the island of Rab

In ancient times, the island of Rab was quite popular among the Romans, who built there their summer residences. Today, Croatian beauty also doesn’t complain about the lack of interest of tourists, especially families with children.

According to various sources, the sun's rays illuminate Rab by nearly 2,500 hours a year, so you can be sure the weather will be great during your holidays. The island is located in Croatia, in the Kvarner bay. The connection to mainland is very good thanks to frequent ferries and catamarans runs. Ferries leave from Stinica (the village near Jablanac) and ply to Mišnjak. The second option is to use a ferry plying between Rab and Krk (Valbiska - Lopar) every 1-2 hours. Travel takes approx. 15 minutes. The second ferry runs twice a day, and reaches the destinatio within 1.5 hour.

Transport to Rab

In high season you have to prepare yourself for long queues both at entry and exit from the island, unless you use the ferry appropriately early (sometimes it means even 5.30 AM). On Rab it’s best to use public means of transport, eg. buses. They run between the town of Rab and other centers of the island - Lopar, Kampor, Barbat and Suha Punta.

It’s worth noting that on the way to the ferry haven we’ll pass Senj, a small tourist town. Although the majority of tourist just pass it by, it really deserves the attention - especially from people, who reached the place late and are looking for accommodation. In the area of Senj you can find two camps, and the resort also has several hotels.

Rab – the island composed of bays

Rab boasts of a unique diversity of shoreline - outstanding even as for Croatia. An aerial view of the coast looks like it was bitten by dozens of hungry mouths, it’s full of smaller and larger bays. The surface of the island is hilly and covered with oaks, and the peak of Kamenjak protects the major part of it against strong gusts of winds from the mainland.

The island can be visited in several ways, including by bike. Enthusiasts of this kind of travelling can enjoy kilometers of trails, while lovers of blissful lounging on the beach will have the immensely big selection. The most beautiful include the beaches of Lopar (including Paradise Beach with shallows, ideal for children and non-swimmers), Kampor, then beaches in Banjol and Barbat.

Campsite on the island of Rab - where you can spend the night?

Those, who plan to stay at the campsite during the holiday on the island of Rab, and at the same time want to have the best access to the beach, will be delighted to stay at the Kamp San Marino ****. It’s located in the resort of Lopar, and has the easiest access to the sandy crescent of Paradise Beach, the queen of all beaches on Rab. It open from April to October, offering tourists place for tents and shaded plots for caravans and motorhomes. Visitors can also stay overnight in the hotel rooms and bungalows. Depending on the season, the price for motorhome parcel or for a car with caravan and access to electricity ranges from 9 to 13 euros per night, while accommodation costs from 4.60 to 8.10 euros per night.

The campsite is very popular among families with children - they can spend all day on the beach without getting bored. Paradise Beach offers children numerous activities, especially in the summer. The palette of entertainment includes aqua aerobic, sports tournaments, fitness with Zumba, a mini disco and plenty of games and activities that stimulate the imagination. When we add to this animations like Pirate Night, Mini Karaoke Party, Talent Show and Pijama Party, performances by clowns and various shows, it's easy to understand why such a big part of families comes back to that place each year.

Rab tempts not only with beaches and clear water of amazing bays. Equally impressive are the forests (Dundo, Kalifront), parks (Komrčar Park). Walking paths are easy even for older and less physically active. Not to mention all the attractions of the island - you just need to come here and see how much it has to offer.

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