Isle of mimosas - Noirmoutier

To the French island of Noirmoutier you can get by a bridge or through Passage du Gois - the way that disappears under the water surface twice a day. It’s a long (approx. 18 km) island of oaks, mimosas, dunes and salt marshes.

In 1993, Christian Dior presented a new fragrance to the world. Since then, over 20 years have passed, and Dune still holds a considerably high position in perfume world, outclassing trivial, one-season fragrance compositions. As the name suggests, it smells like dunes, sea breeze, salty sand and a little bit sad. This classically elegant flacon contains a place, where sea meets the cloudy sky.

Noirmoutier’s microclimate

Where this fragrance vision comes from? Its original aroma brings to mind long walks along the beach. The sea breeze has its own unique smell - different on the north, and different on the southern sea. Especially nicely smells the wind on the French coast Vendée, where the island of Noirmoutier is located. Its microclimate is good for people suffering from respiratory problems, and all those, who want to cleanse the body and mind.

In the past, Noirmoutier was separated from the mainland with a causeway. You could get to it only at a low tide. Today, it’s connected with the "civilization" with the bridge, which contributed to the growth of interest in the island. The invasion of tourists has led to changes in Noirmoutier, but fortunately its character didn’t change, the island didn’t lose its charm and atmosphere either.

The island of marshes and dunes

Noirmoutier is 18 km long and at its narrowest point it has less than 0.5 km, and 12 km at its widest. Its landscape consists of sand dunes, salt marshes and sandy beaches. Wetlands are home to many species of birds, which attracts fans of ornithology.

The largest city on the island is Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile, with ruins of the monastery and Château de Noirmoutier. Other areas are small and their inhabitants live mainly from tourism, agriculture and fishery. Their houses have red roofs and whitewashed walls, which creates a picturesque background for lush mallows.

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The isle of mimosas

It’s worth exploring every corner of the island. In L'Anse Rouge we can find crude, rocky beach. In Bois de la Chaise - pine forest, an optimistic yellow color of gorse flowers and delicacy of mimosas, to which Noirmoutier owes its common name. In such a warm climate they bloom even in winter.

The island of mimosas is cut by dozens of narrow streets such as Boulevard de l'Ocean, at the end of which there’s a romantic bench with a view of the sea. It’s a perfect place to contemplate the landscape.

Campsite on Noirmoutier

A great advantage of this part of Vendée is the number of accommodation possibilites. On the mainland there’s Campéole La Grande Côte, campsite offering hospitality in the period from 04.04 to 21.09. It’s located approx.1,5 km from the center La Barre-de-Monts and approx. 400 meters from the harbor, from where you can take a ferry to Île d'Yeu. Two adults will spend the night at the campsite for approx. 74-107 PLN (15- 23 EUR), depending on the season. The price includes a place for a car with a caravan or motorhome and access to electricity.

People wishing to stay on the island won’t have a problem with finding a suitable place. Guests can visit a 5-star camping le caravan'île or smaller: Camping La Frandiere or Camping Du Midi.

Everyone, who love nature and wants to enjoy it in a peaceful atmosphere, will be pleased with the stay in this region of France. You can go fishing for hours, explore the coast during long walks, or spend time more actively – on sailing, kayaking or kite surfing. This place is perfect for any kind of activitiy.

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