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Travellers are going to Croatia, mostly to the Adriatic, but not every part of the coast of this country is the same. You can visit Croatia every year and each and every holiday will look different. You can travel to one of the islands- for example to the partial desert of Pag. You can see the monumental Dubrovnik, where the Muslim culture has already sneaked its way behind its walls. And finally you can visit the calm Istria.

The Character of Istria

Istria is sometimes called the largest Croatian peninsula, but parts of this cape are Slovenian and Italian. What will be brought to our attention once we cross the contractual border, is the juicy and overwhelming greenery. Istria on numerous occasions has been called green. This is so, because almost the entire peninsula is covered in oak trees.

Neighbourhood of Poreč city

At almost all beaches of the region there are blue flags waving. Actually they are an award given to the parts of the coast, where water is at the highest levels of clarity. The beaches here are covered in fine gravel, which is a positive change when compared to other regions of Croatia ( in many other places we can stumble across stony beaches or even concrete ones).

Even though Poreč is considered a small town (around 16 thousand citizens), it can offer many historical attractions. The city was most probably established in the 5th century A.D. by Illyrians. History lovers will be able to admire the monuments that come from the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.


The coast of Istria is famous for the unabated heat of the summer. Therefore it is nothing surprising that the most popular dish of the region is hladni pladanj (the at some point popular cold plate). On such a tray of cold starters we can see thinly cut prosciutto (prśut), goat cheese and green olives. After the starters one needs to have soup. The Istrian speciality is zagorska juha od krumpira, which is a kind of a potato soup. For the main course I would recommend musaka (a casserole of eggs, cheese, eggplant and potatoes).

Sports activities

Istria offers various sports activities. As any peninsula it gives a wide variety of sailing (going from a marina to marina is a lot more attractive here). The water of the whole region is crystal clear and highly salted (which increases the displacement), therefore diving here will bring the visitors tons of fun.

If at some point we are bored of the coast we can make use of the rich net of bike paths.

Camping Naturist

This camping in Croatia is surrounded by oak trees from every side, which guaranteed all of the visitors peace, quiet and discretion. On the camping there are three restaurants and a market place, which makes it almost self-sufficient. It also has a lot of sports facilities. Inside the Naturist Camping tourists can have use of tennis courts, a mini golf field or places designated for playing bocce (a kind of petanque). Nearby there is a marina and a beach (naturally awarded with a blue flag). When we go to play or ride a bike our youngster can stay and play at the playground or stay under great care of animators. As the name of the camping suggests they warmly welcome all naturists...

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