Rumcajs' shoemaker's workshop

Jičín - the city of Rumcajs

Both those, who want to recharge the batteries among nature, as well as those, who prefer to sit at a table with a mug of beer and spend time with friends will be satisfied with the stay in the city of Jičín. It’s located less than 75 km from Kudowa-Zdrój.

Days are getting longer, the weather’s getting nicer, so we start to plan our first short trips - even for a weekend. There’s no lack of ideas, especially when we consider the areas located in the beautiful surroundings and at the same time providing entertainment for enthusiasts of typical, urban attractions. In this regard we should definitely consider the offer of the Czech town of Jičín. It meets the criteria of the city with a wide range of cultural events and a center situated in a beautiful area. It’s called the gateway to the Bohemian Paradise.

Czech Bielsko-Biala

The city is known for the Czechoslovakian fairy tale for children, which tells the story of Rumcajs the robber. Bearded father of Cypisek was born in the 60s, and today is the pride of Jičín, just like Koziołek Matołek of the Polish city of Pacanów. In the city you can find, among others, Rumcajs’ shoemaker’s workshop, very popular among younger tourists.

Not without a reason they call Jicin the town of fairy tales. It’s worth noting that not only the robber was born there, but also the duo Żwirek and Muchomorek as well as Emanuel the Butterfly and Poppy Lady (less known in Poland). It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s a kind of Czech Bielsko-Biala, the place of origin of Reksio, Bolek and Lolek, as well as Baltazar Gąbka.

Walking around Jičín

Jičín, along with the other three centers (Semily, Nová Paka and Mladá Boleslav) closes the area of the Bohemian Paradise, extending over an area of almost 1,400 square kilometers. After getting acquaint with the city of fairy tales, you can easily get to other attractions of the region, thus ensuring a fun-filled weekend.

The best view of Jičín extends from the top of 52-meter Valdická brána. You should also visit the houses with arcades, facing the main square - Valdštejnovo náměstí. Equally noteworthy is Valdštejnská loggia, surrounded by a park named Libosad. In the summer, it hosts numerous concerts, exhibitions and cultural events, eg. Midsummer Night.

Gateway to the Bohemian Paradise

That Bohemian Paradise is the oldest protected geographical region of the country as well as the center of the new UNESCO’s Geographical Park (since 2005). It’s covered by gentle hills with shaded valleys located at their foot. The area is also full of charming ponds. Looking from above, one can see a fantasy of nature, which - like an inspired artist - has tattered the tops of rocky forms.

Forests are cut by meandering rivers and are full of unique, hidden caves, well-known to all eager potholers. We’re speaking about the comely Bozkovské dolomite caves (Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně) located on the northern slope of the village Bozkov. They form an intricate maze of winding corridors with walls covered with stalactites and stalagmites, with underground lakes in between them, where water has a mesmerizing greenish-blue color. Admission to the caves costs 100 Kč (3,6 EUR). They can be visited from April to October.

Campsite at Rumcajs

The silhouette of the robber has been associated with the city for years. No wonder that you can find it everywhere - including at the campsite. At a distance of approx. 1 km from the center of Jičín there’s kemping Rumcajs. For parking space for a motorhome and accommodation for an adult we will pay 130 Kč (4,8 EUR). Power connection costs 70 Kč (2,5 EUR). You can come here with your pets (30 Kč-1,1 EUR).

One of the greatest strengths of the campsite is its location. It’s an ideal starting point for further trips around the region, as well as around Jičín. And let us remember that we’re at the entrance to the Bohemian Paradise, the second beauty of the Czech Republic.

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