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Choose the biggest and the most crowded resort, or maybe check the offer of its little friend? In case of the Italian resort Marivella the answer is simple – it guarantees you dream holidays.

The biggest ski resorts attract people with a diverse offer. Just like modern housing estates, they provide visitors with everything they need. Interest in the most well-known resorts is so big, that during the high season they are terribly crowded. If you want to book a hotel room, you have to make a reservation several weeks in advance. However, you can do it in a different way - focus your attention on a smaller resort, hugged to the giant. Staying in it guarantees us an easy access to the main attractions of the region, while at the same time we will avoid the crowds.

In Italy, such a giant would be Madonna di Campiglio, and its smaller colleague – Marilleva town. Through Monte Vigo it is connected with Madonna and the second resort called Folgarida. Although it’s small, it enjoys a considerable success and it’s not only because of its close proximity to the famous resort. Along with other centers it creates one of the largest ski systems - Skirama, covering approximately 380 km of downhill.

Marilleva - at the foot of a giant

The resort is situated in Val Meledrio, on a slope. Its lower part is situated at an altitude of 900 m, and the upper - at an altitude of 1400 m. They share an asphalt road, part of the ski track and gondola lift. From the upper station we easily get to Folgarida and Madonna thanks to quick lifts. All three centers together form Val di Sole, or the Valley of the Sun. Skiers can enjoy over 120 km of ski runs, operated by 44 lifts.

The slopes of the region have become very popular among families with children, who constitute a major proportion of all tourists. The resort boasts of excellent conditions – half of all routes extends on mild slopes, which are perfect for learning. 36% of all slopes are suitable for less advanced skiers, while 14% of them are really demanding, black ski runs perfect for adrenaline junkies.

Ski-pass prices in Marivella in the season 2013/2014

As you can see the selection of the ski runs is enormous. Skiers, who want to try those in Marivella-Folgarida will pay from 33 to 40 EUR for a day of skiing. A 7-day pass costs from 169 to 210 EUR. For a one day ski pass for a child we’ll pay from 16 to 20 EUR, while for youths – from 23 to 28 EUR.

We can also acquire a skipass Superskirama Dolomiti. Thanks to it we we’ll have a chance to use 140 of ski lift and ski runs off all levels of difficulty. For comparison – 1 day ticket Superskirama Dolomiti costs 47 EUR in the high season (for adults). So if we love skiing, it worth to consider buying this skipass.

Two sisters

Marivella 1400, which is an upper station of the town, is chosen by tourists, who want to spend as much time on the slopes as possible. The majority of all slopes can be reached in less than one minute – they start right next to the hotels. Conditions for skiing are exquisite, and the snow cover remains for a very long time (especially on the northern slopes). It means that we can ski here practically throughout the year.

In turn, guests from Marivella 900 have to use ski busses, or get in a gondola to reach the ski runs. This tine inconvenience is fully recompensed by the beauty of the region. In comparison to the upper station, which is gray, made of concrete and angular, the lower station amazes with the architecture of residences and location by the river.

Regardless of which station we choose, staying in Marivella is an excellent decision – at least for the accommodation much cheaper than in Madonna di Campiglio. The enthusiasts of skiing can use the slopes of the Valley of the Sun, and in case of insufficiency they can easily get to the trails of Skirama. Thus, staying in the little town will provide them a lot of amazing experiences, which they won’t ever forget.

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