Melting clocks of Figueres

Let's go to Figueres, a hometown of an artist describing himself: "Surrealism is me!", who also claimed that all Picasso’s work are worth less than one of his. Let’s visit Salvador Dali museum, the genius, madly in love with himself, who invented the Chupa Chups logo.

When planning a trip to Spain, it’s worth going for 1 or 2-day trip to Catalonia. Here you can find something absolutely unique, something that inspires, causes anxiety, perhaps even disgusts, but surely won’t leave anyone indifferent. In the small town of Figueres you can find Salvador Dali’s museum, who was the master of surrealism, the father of "Burning Giraffe", "Melting clocks" and other paintings that can be interpreted in hundreds of ways.

Figueres is located approx. 136 km from Barcelona, so if we have more time, we may think about taking a walk along Antoni Gaudí’s buildings, treating it as a prelude to the world, which is really hard to comprehend.

Catalan donkey vs Spanish bull

Firstly, it should be emphasized that Catalonia is one of the autonomous regions located in Spain. Although the government has failed to win distinctness so far, it’s better not to forget that you’re visiting Spain when in Figueres. Similarly in the capital of the region, Barcelona. We’re exploring Catalonia – the land with a lovable donkey as a symbol, not dangerous bull.

Regardless of the political turmoil, the region is very popular among tourists. It’s characterized by breathtaking beauty of the sea and mountain landscapes, but also by the wealth of monuments. Nonetheless, the main attraction tempting visitors is an art. Barcelona was a hometown of ​​Gaudi, who lived and created there, while Figueres was a home of a mad genius with a big ego, Salvador Dali. His works may scare, people may not like it, but no one can say that he didn’t have talent.

Dali triangle

In Figueres there’s one of the sides of the so-called Spanish Dali triangle. It’s Dalí Theatre-Museum, founded by the artist himself. He lived, created and was buried in this city. Two other sides of the triangle are in Pubol (in Gala’s castle, Dali’s wife and muse) and in Port Lligat (home of the artist).

Dali was eccentric, a little mad and really crazy in love with himself. He wasn’t familiar with prosaic dilemmas of hundreds of artists, trying to live from the art because he got used to luxury. Surrounded by wealth, he could focus solely on his work. His museum is just as crazy as he was. It contains over 1.5 thousands Dali’s works, ranging from prints and sketches, and ending with sculptures and installations. A walk among them is like a journey through the world of dream, from which it’s difficult to wake up. Along the way you can see the patio with a black taxi (Cadillac Square), and inside - Escenario Cupula, a main hall with a glass drop.

Stolling around Figueres

The city is famous for its mad genius, but the museum isn’t the only remarkable attraction. Figueres has many historic buildings to boast of. These include neo-classical tenant houses and the parish church of Sant Pere on Placa de Sant Pere. After the fire during the civil war it was rebuilt in the original style of Catalan Gothic.

Later, you can visit La Rambla, the main square of the city, to relax in the shade of plane trees. It’s full of numerous cafes and bars with cold beer and tapas.

Surreal dream

Visiting the place that so strongly affects the mind can be tiring. Before we move further on the journey through the land of the donkey, we stop for the night in Camping Bungalow Park Las Dunas. You can get there by car from Figueres in about 20 min., because it’s in Girona. It’s a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by the sea and green trees – this campsite is ideal for families with children. Tourists can choose among positions in prices oscillating within approx. 18-53 euro/day, while the accommodation costs approx. 3.75 to 6 euros. All positions have access to power, they’re grassy and intimate (separated from each other by hedges).

After a night spent in the beautiful Bay of Roses, you can continue the journey towards other attractions of Catalonia. And there’s really a lot of them, so nobody will get bored.

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