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Nice trip to Singapore

Let's now move to the exotic city, yet very modern and delighting with the height of its skyscrapers. It’s Singapore, a combination of tradition and modernity.

There are cities, which are said to have one foot stuck in the past and the other in the future. In case of Singapore only the tip of the heel is stuck in the past, because the vast majority of the metaphorical body is immersed in the "today". It’s clearly confirmed by the modern buildings of the city, its glistening skyscrapers made of glass and steel, as well as strict law enforcement .

European tourists are very satisfied with traveling to Singapore. They like beautiful beaches and the majesty of the ocean, they appreciate a great selection of entertainments, including the opportunity to participate in night safari or vising the amusement park. A big advantage are also the prices - a lot of attractions is much cheaper than in Europe. A taxi ride from one end of the city to the other is relatively inexpensive, while it would cost a lot more, eg. in Berlin.

Clean as in advertisement

Singapore is famous for the cleanliness of its streets. Caring for the order is obeyed very strictly, and those, who forget, will pay for it literally and figuratively – you may be fined for littering. On the other hand, due to strict regulations, we can see that in Singapore you really can eat from the floor, or from the street. The same applies to drinking water straight from the tap.

Cleanliness and order is visible especially on the main street of the city, full of exclusive shops and boutiques. Here, it’s worth to mention that stopping in front of a shop will result in the immediate emergence of a broadly smiling seller, who will invite us inside. Perhaps he will even treat us with something, and thus less assertive tourists won’t have enough audacity to refuse and just go away.

Attractions of Singapore

While in Singapore, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the temple of the charming name Sri Mariamman. As befits a Hindu temple, you have to take off shoes before entering. Rich decorations may seem to be too generous, or even kitschy, but it would be hard to say they’re not charming. Seen from above, it resembles a huge iced cake.

After leaving the walls of the temple, you can wander through the modern Financial Center and pay a visit to Marina Bay. Here, we will find an amazing building designed in the shape modeled on orchids - Art & Science Museum. It’s surrounded by water, with floating pink water lilies. The whole is a beautiful combination of nature and a thoroughly modern architecture.

A soft spot for records

Singapore is a city, where you will find several construction records. World’s largest observation wheel – Singapore Flyer - seems to be turning round proudly. One lap of the giant takes about 30 minutes and a ticket costs 29,5$. Quite expensive, but the landscapes are worth it. We can also admire the Formula 1 track and views straight from the movie "Avatar" – “Gardens by the Bay" with the flower cathedral called "The Flower Dome". Besides the symbols of the city – orchids, there are also baobabs, palms and olive trees.

Where else will find something "the most"? On the 55th floor of the hotel Marina Bay Sands, which houses world’s highest situated outdoor pool. The building itself makes a huge impression because of its original construction, but the additional attraction is a large ship located on the roof. The hotel has 2,560 rooms, and a night stay costs £350.

Seemingly, the weekend would be enough to know all the attractions of Singapore. We absolutely don’t agree with this, because this city has a lot of layers, just like a matryoshka doll, and each one deserves a particular attention. It’s worth spending some more time getting to know the sweet taste of Singapore Sling, eat a nutritious meal in Little India, take a souvenir photo against the statue of Merlion,a mythical beast with the head of a lion and the body of the fish. And this is barely a fraction of the attractions that await visitors in Singapore.

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How many cost visit to the Flower Dome ? Any relief for children ? When U been there?

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