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Not only for women - sales in Roermond

Dutch sale madness - Designer Outlet

Is there a possibility to find at least one woman, whose eyes won’t shine and the heart rate won’t speed up, when she hears the word "sale"? We don’t want to be stereotypical, nonetheless a statistical woman begins to breathe faster on the sound of these words. Especially, when she finds out about the city of endless sale - Designer Outlet is located in Roermond, Netherlands. It’s closed only two days in a year: on Christmas Eve and New Year's. For other days it’s more or less crowded with customers coming from all over Europe, what you can see by looking at plates of cars parked in front of the gate to this boutique paradise.

And where exactly is said Roermond? Near the border with Germany, in the province of Limburg. A charming river Meuse is passing through the city, and Roermond itself is inhabited by 56 thousand of people. Designer Outlet is located in the border areas and attracts people by lower, but not low prices. At least not for the average Pole, which must by sadly admitted. Nonetheless, for those, who love running among store shelves, who love labels and famous names, it’s a real paradise that must be visited at least once in their lives. Soon, there’ll be a great opportunity to set off on a magical journey to boutiques. This opportunity is called VIP Shopping Event. On 11-15 of September sales will reach 70%, so the real hunters will have the opportunity to get a gem from Prada, Burberry, Gucci or Ralph Lauren.

Another incentive is the fact that the access is so easy – you can get almost to the gates of the city via highway A52 (German) and A73 (Dutch).

Not just for shopping

Roermond is not just the rows of branded boutiques. Those, who’ve cooled down after shopping, should focus their attention on the town. First of all, visit a picturesque, beautiful Old Town, it’s like from postcards - skyline is dominated by the fifteenth-century St. Christopher’s Cathedral, proudly silhouetted against the blue sky. A historic town hall from the early eighteenth century adds a lot of charm to the old part of the city, also the Franciscan church (Minderbroederskerk) and climate restaurant buildings clustered around the market. Numerous intimate squares, narrow streets and old-world charm felt everywhere - everything here is filled with history.

Roermond is an important historical and cultural center. In the summer it hosts a lot of festivals, including "Bevrijdingsfestival Limburg", Sjwaampop festival and numerous military parades (eg. Taptoe). These are just few examples, because the city is bustling with life all year round, not just during the summer months.

The city is surrounded by a wide belt of greenery, it offers many picturesque trails for hiking and cycling. Hours of walks among the beautiful landscapes of nature reserves, eg. in the National Park Mijnweg, are waiting for us. We can admire the beauty of Leu Valley, experience an amazing silence in Beegderheide, as well as to admire the views of meadows and moors. Famous tourist trail Pieterpad that leads from Groningen to Maastricht, will dazzle us with the abundance of greenery, just like the trail Meuse-Swalm-Nette. We can go there with an experienced guide, on foot or by bike.

Maasplassen – a full breath

As you can see, Roermond, as for such a small town has really a lot to offer. In addition to the monuments and rows of boutiques, there’s something else. It's not just anything but the largest recreational area of the country, located in the heart of Limburg - Maasplassen. On more than 3,000 acres you will find dozens of large and small reservoirs of water connected to the Meuse. Together they form a paradise of water sports and communing with nature. The setting delights with natural beauty and charm of the typical Dutch towns and villages, including the already mentioned Roermond.

Those, who love to spend their free time actively, have plenty of possibilities, including swimming, water skiing, kayaking, rafting and scuba diving. Eager to explore the area from under the water can spend hours on sailing. They can also rent a boat, canoe, yacht, or take the ferry (they run regularly). There’re several modern marinas where you can moor your sailboat or yacht. You cannot miss the beautiful beaches and well organized infrastructure. Visitors can enjoy dozens of bars and cafes, as well as restaurants and a few hotels.

Roermond didn’t forget about those, who came with a camper. There’re few nice campsites in the region, including Resort Marina Oolderhuuske. A night spent there, in the period of 23.08-03.11 costs € 24.00 - the price covers a night for max. 4 people, access to water, electricity and the Internet and parking place for the vehicle (if you have a caravan, it cannot be bigger than 8 x 2.5 m). The views here are beautiful, and the conditions more than comfortable.

Time for Roermond!

Who wouldn’t come to this charming place after reading such description? Roermond isn’t too big, but full of life. There’s something for everyone – for the fans and sales, lovers of water sports, and for the "traditional" tourists wishing to explore a new Dutch town. Surely no one will regret being here – on the opposite – you may only regret that one day you will have to leave.

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