Dumbarton castle

Overtoun House - here the Heaven meets the Earth

Somewhere in Scotland there’s a bridge where dogs die. For some inexplicable reasons they jump to their deaths from one spot on the bridge. Is it some strange power? Or maybe it’s just an instinct and the dogs are chasing the scent of rodents? To this day, scientists seem to be unable to explain this puzzle.

In Scotland, there’s no lack of odd, mysterious and somewhat frightening spots. Some of them owe its fame to unbelievable events that took place there, and some have been just promoted by the local media. One of those dark spots on the Scottish map is Overtoun House. It’s a nineteenth-century manor house in West Dunbartonshire, standing on a hill overlooking the River Clyde. It’s located about 2 km from the small town of Milton, and 3 km from the town of Dumbarton.

Overtoun House legend

The historic manor house attracts attention with its size and beauty. Both the castle and its surroundings are known as the "center of unexplained phenomena". Already in ancient times, the place was considered to be the area, where the boundary between heaven and earth is very thin. Hence, in this region the world known to a man penetrates the world of the unreal.

In Celtic mythology Overtoun was a place, where good and evil forces come together and sensitive beings can see them. The castle is supposedly haunted.

The bridge of suicide dogs

Undoubtedly an intriguing place is Overtoun Bridge, hung over the stream near the residence. Since the sixties of the twentieth century many dogs have died here, jumping into the abyss. Despite their efforts, researchers couldn’t determine the cause of strange behavior of the canine. Among the proposed theses, was the concept of a strong odor of mink, especially exaggerated during warm and sunny days. Chasing it, disoriented dogs jump out the railing and fall into the abyss. Apparently, the fatal leaps have always been taken by labs, border collies and retrievers.

Another theory says about the bad energy that canine can sense. Yet another says that it is haunted - in the past, the father pushed his son into the abyss, convinced that his child is possessed by an evil spirit. The son survived, nonetheless, after several years he threw himself off a bridge.

The aura of mystery and the number of dog leaps attracts lovers of paranormal phenomena to Overtoun Bridge. Scientists rule out the possibility of suicides, and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals sent their representatives here, in order to investigate the mysterious behavior of pets. So far, the cause remains unknown.

Charms of the gray town

Apparently, if not for the mysterious bridge, no one would know where Milton lies. Too bad, because this tiny town is extremely picturesque. From one side it’s surrounded by the river, from the other - by hectares of forests. Tourists will appreciate the architecture – nice, single-family houses with gray facades please the eyes of visitors. Driving through the town, we will also encounter a couple of gas stations and car parks.


Dumbarton, a neighboring town, famous for its historic castle and whiskey production, is equally charming. Despite its small size, there’s no lack of restaurants and shops. At one time, it also housed a dynamically developing Polaroid factory – it was the company's biggest plant that operated outside the United States, and employed 1,800 people. Today, less than 100 people are working here, dealing mainly with the production of lenses for sunglasses.

Passing through Scotland

If someone plans to go there, and is looking for a place to stay, he can choose Lomond Wood Holiday Park, located about 10 km from Milton. The position for the motorhome costs from 21-25 pounds/day, and the price includes a stay for 2 persons.

You can come here with your dog (it costs £2 per day). But remember to hold him on a leash when you leave the campsite and go for a walk through the mysterious bridge.

Dumbarton Overtoun House Overtound Bridge Dumbarton castle



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