Prague by bicycle

Park your motorhome and get on a bicycle - Prague is waiting

Prague is an extraordinary city, which is worth sightseeing not only because it is close by and all of our friends had already been. Breathtaking views, irresistible charm and the unique vibe, these are the traits which should lure. In order to inhale the atmosphere of this place, park your motorhome and go see the city... on a bike!

The Prague of bicycles

Prague and a bicycle are almost synonyms. Using this means of transport to roam the city, gives you not only comfort, but also freedom of choice when it comes to place that we want to see and when we get there. It is popular not only with the natives, but also with the tourist, who prefer to travel healthy and comfortably, rather than crowd themselves in the metro. If you are planning a weekend away or a longer sightseeing trip, it is worth to book a place at the Sokol Praha Camping, where your motorhome will be safe and where you, after a whole day of sightseeing will be able to relax by the pool site or enjoy great Czech beer on a sun bed. To find out more about the camping visit it’s profile on our campsite list. Due to the fact that the camping is still inside the city borders, you can hop on your bike there are driving by stylish apartment houses begin to sightsee this beautiful city.

Forgotten streets, great architecture

Besides the mandatory tourist sights such as: Carol Bridge, Hradczany, Old Town Hall, Petřín Hill or the National Theatre, when using a bike you can see numerous backstreets and let yourself go into other parts of the city that aren’t mentioned in the tourist guides. One of such places is Żiżkov, often seen as the Montmartre of Prague. Forgotten streets are filled with restaurants and bars in which many of the natives are, trying to relax after full day’s work. The air is filled with the smell of beer mixed with cigarette smoke, while the extraordinary, friendly vibe is like by everyone, no matter their taste. By bike you can weave your way around the beautiful streets and intake the unique apartment houses, stopping at different cafes and bars to quench your thirst and relish in their amazing interiors.

Prague is filled with green parks

A bike will also be a very comfortable way to sightsee the numerous parks and gardens, which Prague is filled with. In the dendrological garden in Průhonice on 72,8 hectares, one can admire almost 8000 kinds of plants. In the Vojanovy Sady park, which is also the oldest park in the city, it’s the best to just sit on a bench and rest, gaining the power for further sightseeing. In the park on the hill of Petřín, while riding the charming alleys one can admire an astonishing view of the vintage centre of Prague. In the city there are also a few gardens, that are very difficult to find if you don’t know where they are. Among these hidden places are: Vrtba Garden or the Franciscan Garden near Waclaw’s Square.

The most beautiful, the highest, the oldest - what is your Prague like?

Prague is a city that is filled with superlatives. Apart from the fact, that it is described as a city with the most unique vibe, it can also be proud of the oldest cinema, largest chandelier in Europe and the highest statue of Stalin in the world. It is worth to come to all of these places, even if for just a minute and let’s not forget about the possibility to admire great architecture and monuments when getting there, all while in taking the extraordinary and unique atmosphere.

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