Piccolo Tibet – Livigno

Piccolo Tibet - Livigno

In 1887, Antonio Cederna, the president of the Milan section of the Italian Alpine club, said: "If Livigno only had a passable road connecting it with Bormio and Poschiavo, it would be the second Davos". These words were prophetic, but it took nearly a century to build Munt la Schera, a tunnel connecting Livigno with Switzerland. From the very beginning, it was a single lane road, where traffic moves in alternate directions controlled by traffic lights which change every fifteen minutes. The toll can be paid only in cash and exclusively in Euros or Swiss francs.

After the tunnel was built, the town has changed enormously – winter enthusiasts fell in love with this alpine gem. To such extent, that it has even been awarded with the "SnowTrex Award 2012". It’s not a surprise, the snow keeps up even for 7 months, and the resort is often called the Tibet of Europe or Italian Tibet, because it’s the place with the highest insolation in the whole Alps. That’s the reason why tourists who value the good weather like Livigno so much.

In recent years, Livigno has become fashionable even among Poles. It’s a snow-sure resort, the conditions are great through the whole season. People are also lured by superb, high altitude pistes, and expanded ski infrastructure on two opposite slopes of the valley, the Mottolino and Carosello. All together, the skiers and snowboarders can choose from almost 115 km of slopes, very diverse in altitude, so it will be appreciated by people of all ability levels. Ascending the top will be facilitated with modern ski lifts: 13 chair lifts, 6 gondolas and 11 ski lifts. If you want a break, just stop at one of the many bars on the slopes.

Livigno is a perfect place to learn ski, as there are a lot of typical, easy slope perfect for training. You can practice as much as you need, travelling between the two areas is facilitated by free ski buses. Snowboarders have two extreme snow parks at their disposal – smaller one at the Carosello, and the Mottolino, one of the largest in the Alps. The cross-country enthusiasts have at their disposal skiing tracks with the total length of 40 km (10 km of difficult tracks, 25 km of medium and 5 km of easy tracks) and 2 km loop, which is lit until the midnight. When it comes to the ski passes, the approximate price per day on the slopes ranges from 32 to 42 € for an adult. The 6-day ski pass for an adult in the season 2012/2013 costs around 135 to 208 €, depending on the month (season).

Not only hotels, but also great campsites are waiting for tourists. From what you can read on travel forums, such places are usually run by families, and because of the very big competition, they care very much about the customer. Campsite Pemont lies nearest to Livigno, the walk to the center takes you up to 10 minutes. For 1 € you can use the shower, for the night you pay from 3.5 to 6 €, while the parking place costs from 10 to 16 €.

The customers of Palipert Campsite won’t be disappointed either. Here you have to pay about 18 € per night for a camper (with the access to toilet and electricity) plus you have the on-site restaurant with quite reasonable prices at your disposal. There’s a Porsche driving school located in the vicinity, so you can watch the beautiful shiny cars racing on the snowy track in the sun. If you want something extreme, get a little crazy in the snowmobile or go-cart adapted for driving on ice.

Another campsite - Confortola Learco Area Sosta Camper is also highly recommended by visitors. The nearest slope is only 5 minutes walk from the campsite, and if someone doesn’t want to overwork too much before skiing, can use the free ski bus which takes tourists everywhere. Price varies within 15-20 € per night.

There’s much going on in Livigno during winter. Apart from countless opportunities for skiing, there are also other attractions. In December the city hosts events like Art in Ice (ice carving art), La Sgambeda (mass ski race) and car racing on ice. In March, there are freestyle competitions for snowboarders held in the Snowpark Mottolino, and Skieda in April - the perfect event for every  telemark lover. There is a luge track, climbing wall, swimming pool, spa center, but also many bars and restaurants - from the exclusive and expensive ones to pizzerias, where you can eat your fill for a few Euros.

Great offer is also prepared for those, who like to party at night. Kokodi disco, famous après ski events (for example in the bar Allegra) and pubs (Kuhstall, Homelywood, Mickey's, Helvetia) are waiting for them. Speaking of parties, we are in the city of the original Bombardino - if you haven’t yet, you should definitely try this local drink. It consists of 3 scoops of milk, 2 scoops of egg yolks and 1 cup of whiskey. Two Bombardinis and you fly away without skis.

Another attraction is Livigno duty-free zone, where you can do inexpensive shopping in one of the 200 stores located on the boardwalk extending along the town. Having this opportunity the tourists buy perfumes, electronics and alcohol in a mass. Just add modern lifts, beautiful weather and sure snow combined with stunning scenery and you have an answer why this city pulls people like a magnet. In this one-of-a-kind place you can forget about whole world.

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I've been there twice. But I prefer my country slopes, specially Les Deux Alpes