Easter Island

Silent faces of Easter Island

There are people, who love traveling because of the countless opportunities to make new friends, get to know more people. There are also those, who are willing to wander the world alone, because the only thing that matters for them is a contact with nature. The latter would be delighted with a visit on Easter Island - the second most remote, inhabited island in the world. In its solitude is second only to the islands of Tristan da Cunha.

A trip to the homeland of Rapa Nui people is a real challenge. Easter Island can be reached by only one airline, Chile LAN. In order not to feel unsatisfied, you should spend surely more time on the island famous for its silent heads.

It’s worth knowing that you can purchase the ticket to the National Park already at the airport. On the other hand, in order to see the most historical places of Easter Island, you can easily do without it. It’s actually only required in two places: in the village at the edge of a volcano Rano Kau and on the area of Ranu Raraku quarry, where the silent statues were created.

Far away from home

Standing on the shore of the sea, you may feel terribly lonely – you’re so far away from everything you know. Instead of wasting time on missing it, it’s better to think about the plan, which will allow you to get to know all the interesting places of the island.

You can explore the island in several ways, depending on how much money and time you have. You will learn the most when wandering with a local guide. On the other hand the cheapest way to visit the island is when you plan the trip on your own. Next to the main street in Hanga Roa there’re several rentals, where you can rent a bike, scooter, motorcycle and quad or car.

For a group of few people a good idea would be to rent a car for 24 hours. Without a car we won’t get to see the sunrise, to the largest stone platform on the island, called ahu Tongariki. There’s no possibility of reaching the place by bus, because the public transportation isn’t working.

If not moai, then what?

Contrary to what majority of people think, Easter Island isn’t only moai. Stone statues stare into the distance in silence - the most famous were put on special platforms, and the rest is just scattered in every corner of the island. They are the main, but not the only one of the attractions.

Apart from admiring the figures, you can see the paths leading to volcanoes or those running along the steep cliffs. Water enthusiasts will be delighted with the conditions for surfing, snorkeling or diving. In turn, tourists looking for local attractions can see the performances of folk dances, organized several times a week.

The island also hosts numerous festivals, for example, on the occasion of Women's Day. Then, the representatives of the fairer sex can expect to be treated in a special way, eg. Receive a relaxing massage, breast examination, makeup or cooking course.

Accommodation and meals

Easter Island has a well prepared campsite, where you can spend the night, even without your own tent. There’re also several hotels but you can use the services of some residents as well (couchsurfing), so you can find accommodation suitable for every pocket.

Thing with food looks a bit worse. To the island you can only take packed and processed products, thus the option of preparing cheap meals becomes somewhat limited. The food is delicious, but several times more expensive than in Chile and you have to be aware of that. The local specialty - dumplings stuffed with seafood, vegetables or meat – are called empanadas.

Holidays on Easter Island will linger in your memory for a long time. Also you will probably return home with a little moai. They’re sold everywhere in the form of key fobs, figurines, pendants or chocolates. They stand on shelves next to other memorabilia, and will silently remind you of the island surrounded by the vastness of the ocean.

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