Ski resort Jasna

Ski Resort Jasna - Low Tatras

Excellent conditions for skiing and powder snow are not only possible in Switzerland or Austria. Slovakia and its mountainous resort Jasná Low Tatras can be equally impressive. Modern lifts, beautiful slopes and close proximity to Tatralandia - this is it!

A short distance from Szczyrk, Zywiec and Žilina is a large ski resort - Jasná Low Tatras. It is the most popular and largest ski resort in Slovakia, whose slopes extend both on the southern and northern part of Chopok Mountain, constituting one big resort since 2007. We'll find it at the end of the village Demänovská Valley, in the foothills of the Low Tatras. Ski season in Jasná usually starts in early December and lasts until the end of April.

The southern side of the mountain can be reached from the village of Mýto pod Ďumbierom/Bystra, while to the northern we get from Liptovský Mikuláš. Earlier, when the weather was favorable, skiers could ski on both slopes by turns, but because of a whimsical aura it was hard to get from one side to the other. At the beginning of the season 2012/2013 the two sides, northern and southern, were joined by modern cable cars.

Jasná Low Tatras

In the past few years, Chopok and its slopes have gained a great popularity, which is due to massive investments in Jasná. Lift linking of the resorts Chopok North and Chopok South significantly expanded the range of attractions for visitors. The fact that Jasná is more and more popular can be seen everywhere. It’s visited by more and more skiers and snowboarders each year, who are attracted by all kinds of slopes, ranging from blue to black. Jasná Low Tatras offers guests more than 45 km of ski runs and 29 lifts and cable cars in the operation. There are 11,2 km of easy descends, 17,9 km of medium and 7,3 km of difficult. 26 km of all slopes are artificially snowed, while the top quality snowmaking system guarantees skiing 5 months a year. The highest point is situated at an altitude of 2 004 meters, while the lowest - at 880 m. Hence, the level difference amounts 1 124 meters.

Apart from the designated trails, experienced ski or snowboard enthusiasts have several "wild" sections to try out. There’re also great freeride zones and snowpark. In turn, the less advanced skiers will have an opportunity to practice winter sports on light and wide slopes, which are numerous here. There’s a ski school for beginners in Jasná, which is a great place to learn how to use one or two boards. In the evenings you can schuss or sled on some artificially lit slopes.

For families with children there’s a children's park Maxiland at Biela Put. Kids can learn how to ski or snowboard. Instead of traditional ski lift, there’s a special belt ski lift which facilitates getting to the slope.

Skipass prices at the resort Jasná Low Tatras in the season 2013/2014

The resort Jasná really cares about its guests, continuously preparing new attractions. A significant advantage is the introduction of contactless ski pass, so that despite the great interest in the slopes of Chopok, there’re no long queues to the lifts. Another virtue of the resort are new, free parking spaces and free ski buses. Besides, those willing to, can purchase one common ski pass for the Low and High Tatras, covering 53 km of slopes in total.

Those, who want to focus on the slopes of Jasná, will pay 28 EUR per day of skiing off-season (to 21.12). Tickets for seniors cost 22 EUR, while for children - 20 EUR. In high season, for example from 22.12 to 11.01, adults pay 37 EUR per day, seniors - 27 EUR, while the 1-day pass for children costs 26 EUR. The price for a 7-day pass is, respectively, 217 EUR (adults), 174 EUR (seniors) and 152 EUR (children).

Tourists, who decide to visit Jasná, can enjoy not only the perfectly prepared slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. There’re also excellent trails for cross-country skiing and freeride, as well as excellent conditions for ski-alpinism. Besides the traditional ride on one or two skis, they can also check out slightly less popular disciplines, such as snowbike, skifox or snowscoot.

Accomodation in Jasná

Excellent infrastructure of the resort ensures that visitors won’t get bored for sure. There’re won’t be any problems with finding a suitable restaurant or accommodation. Guests can stay in the aforementioned Liptovský Mikuláš, which serves as a base for the slopes of Chopok. The guests can choose among many hotels and larger or smaller guesthouses. The stay in the town can be divided into a passive recreation, skiing, and water craziness - one of the main local attractions is Tatralandia, which belongs to the largest water parks in Europe.

But if we want to be close to the slopes, we can accommodate directly in Jasná, but we have to be aware of the higher prices. In Demänovska Valley is a year-round Camping Bystrina. People coming with their caravan or motorhome can replenish clean water and empty the dirty water container. The whole area of the campsite is monitored, besides there’s a Wi-Fi. The price per night for an adult is 3.40 €, child - 2.00 €, while the parking place for the vehicle - 3.00 €.

Jasná Low Tatras advertises itself as the most modern, largest and most famous ski resort in Slovakia. Here, you can experience unconventional holidays full of entertainment and a wide range of wellness treatments.

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