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Ski resort - Val di Fiemme

One of the most popular ski resorts in Italy, Val di Fiemme, tempts not only with great ski runs, but also with close vicinity to winter sports giant – Dolomity SUPER SKI.

Most of the people associate Italy with hot summers, Mediterranean flora and spontaneous gestures, typical for people from the south of Europe. Meanwhile, the country in the shape of a boot has a lot to tempt with even in winter - after all it’s here where one of the fastest developing ski areas in the country is located, namely Val di Fiemme. But that's not all. Skiers, who have decided to spend the winter holidays here, will have a direct access to Europe's largest ski complex Dolomites SUPER-SKI. They can enjoy over 1200 km of slopes of different levels of difficulty, operated by 460 modern ski lifts.

The charms of Val di Fiemme

For years, Val di Fiemme has been considered one of the most popular ski areas in the Dolomites. The resort consists of five well-prepared stations, the largest of which, the Latemar-Obereggen, boasts of the most beautiful slopes throughout the Alto Adige (the total length of 50 km). Other centers are Passo Rolle, Alpe Cermis, Passo Lavazza and Alpe Lusia. Each of them has a wide range of different types of attractions and great slopes. In total, the valley offers over 100 km of slopes.

Val di Fiemme gained the fame and popularity quite recently, but each year, the number of tourists who visit it rises. It is fully understandable, when you look at the offer, which consists of beautiful slopes located in close proximity to the jagged peaks of the Dolomites, a well-organized infrastructure of the region, picturesque landscapes and the already mentioned direct vicinity of the ski giant. A large number of snow cannons, thanks to which slopes are always well prepared, and an excellent weather, perfect for spending the whole day on skiing, are further virtues of this wonderful place.

Which slopes are best for us?

Every avid skier will find something suitable in Val di Fiemme. Advanced winter sports enthusiasts will be pleased to ski on the most challenging slopes in the region - Palla di Santa and Variante Muro in Latemar. They are a real challenge even for experienced skiers, just like the slope Fiamme Oro in Alpe Lusia or Olympia with a total length of 7200 m located in Alpe Cermis. Snowboarders will definitely be interested in the offer of Ski Center Latemar. The resort features a halfpipe and two professional snow parks, so the adherents of one board will have an opportunity to get a little crazy.

In turn, beginning skiers have the opportunity to participate in special classes. Every center of the valley has this offer. Families with children will have a lot to do here as well. Little ones can enjoy a nursery slopes and separate playgrounds with baby lifts, so they won’t get bored, when their parents would go ski. The more that there’s a whole lot of attractions prepared for them and ski schools provide superbly qualified instructors.

Skipass prices in Val di Fiemme in the season 2013/2014

It would be hard to hide that Val di Fiemme is a real paradise for skiers. After purchasing the ticket, they can go crazy here to the fullest, forgetting about reality. And as for the ticket prices, in the upcoming season they’re are as follows: during the high season (02.02-15.03 and 22.12-06.01) 1-day pass for adults costs 43 EUR, for a child - 30 EUR, while for seniors - 39 EUR. 7-day pass costs, respectively, 235 EUR for an adult, 165 EUR for children and 212 EUR for seniors.

It’s worth mentioning that during your stay in the valley you can easily reach the largest ski resort of the Alps, namely the famous Sella Ronda. With the ski-pass Dolomites SUPER-SKI, we’ll spend plenty of hours on the local slopes.


After a day full of excitement, and many hours of skiing it’s time to rest a little bit. Val di Fiemme offers visitors not only a great roller coaster in Latemar, but also shelters, ice rinks and swimming pools. It’s hard not to mention the wealth of big restaurants and smaller eateries. Here, we’ll not only get acquaint with the local cuisine, but also will have the opportunity to spend time in a culturally diverse company - people come here from all over the Europe.

People interested in an accommodation on the campsite may consider the offer of Campeggio Calvello. It’s located in the very heart of the valley – about 4 km away from Cavalese's center. It is the perfect starting point for each resort of Val di Fiemme. Adults will pay 8 EUR/night, while children - 6.5 EUR. Place for the camper costs 11 EUR/day. For the access to the shower with hot water you will have to pay 1.5 EUR, while for your dog - 3.5 EUR.

Val di Fiemme is a beautiful valley offering skiers (but not only) everything they could wish for. Everyone should come here at least once. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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