Arabba Marmolada

Skiing in Arabba - Marmolada

Where in Europe can we find a region, where we could enjoy a fine wine in one of the most charming ski resorts? Near Italian glacier Marmolada, with amazing slopes of Arabba.

Veneto is a region of the most beautiful and popular cities of Italy. Let’s just mention the romantic Verona or Venice, famous for miles of winding canals and gondolas. The area also houses several popular ski resorts, including Cortina d'Ampezzo, Civetta and Arabba, connected to the Marmolada glacier. Last resort attracts mainly advanced skiers, though there’re also easier descents, ideal for learning skiing, for adults and children.

The slopes of Arabba

Marmalade slopes are long and perfectly prepared. The glacier itself stands out proudly above the other peaks of the Dolomites, just like a dignified and silent king. Skiers, who came here on vacation, have an easy access to nearly 500 km of slopes of nearby ski resorts, not to mention the ski carousels. There’re plenty of opportunities to actively spend time here - from the northern part of the glacier will please both cross-country skiers, as well as alpine skiing amateurs and snowboarders. In turn, southern area is popular among climbing enthusiasts. The local walls are steep enough, to make you feel like a winner when you reach the top.

Arabba is the most popular ski station of the region, attracting hundreds of Italians and foreign adherents of winter sports. And it’s not without reason - the tourist infrastructure is very complex, après ski offer extremely varied, and snow guaranteed thanks to the modern system of numerous cannons. We cannot forget about the most important thing, which is the ski carousel Sella Ronda, whose part constitutes the station.

The resort Arabba-Marmolada offers skiers 62 km of slopes of all levels of difficulty. The longest descent (Bellunese) has 12 km. The route stretches on wide and steep sections, through the hills and forests. Hiking trails have over 40 km, and lead visitors through the lovely passes of Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella and Garden. The most famous slope in Arabba is Portavescovo, equally popular is also black Pista Fodoma, with a length of 3.3 km. Fans of freestyle will appreciate the well-equipped snow park in Passo Pardoi, while the snow skiers - over 10 km of descends.

Season 2013/2014 - ski pass prices

In the period from 02.02 to 15.03 we will pay 45€ for a 1-day pass for an adult, 32 € for the ticket for a child and 41 € for seniors. Weekly ski pass costs 248 € for adults, 174 € for children and 223 € for seniors.

It’s worth noting that parents, who wish to get a little crazy on the slopes, can leave their children in ski school at the foot of Monte Burz. Little ones will learn the craft there, under the guidance of experienced instructors, skiing on nursery slope, and then on a little more difficult descends. Some of them are about 4 km long.

Attractions of the region

As it was already mentioned above, the region is famous for its exquisite white and red wine. A real local specialty is Prosecco - light white wine, usually dry. Being in Arabba, it’s worth to try grappa, an alcoholic beverage made ​​from grape residues (including skins).

The town offers visitors many climate pubs and restaurants serving regional cuisine. A large part of them are family businesses, paying great attention to the tradition, as evidenced by the decor and costumes of the staff. There are also quite a few renowned boutiques, which you can visit during brake from skiing.

In comparison to neighboring towns such as Malga Ciapela, Arabba is a quiet resort with plenty of family guesthouses. It is perfect for holidays, so tourists looking for places for vacation will be pleased with the stay.

Arabba Marmolada Arabba Marmolada Arabba Marmolada Arabba Marmolada Arabba Marmolada

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