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Skiing weekend in Arosa

Not too long ago intimate, today - one of the largest resorts in Switzerland. Charming town of Arosa heals the sick with tuberculosis, but also tempts with 225 km of great ski runs.

If someone plans to spend a week or two on skiing holidays, probably will take into account large resorts, "carousels" and centers offering hundreds of kilometers of ski runs. However, if someone can go only for a short weekend, he paradoxically have more choices. Why is that? Because in this situation it’s hard to check all slopes of bigger resorts, so it’s worth to consider a trip to a smaller, more intimate resort. There, you have a chance to fall in love with little, picturesque towns, not as crowded as besieged and popular resorts. A nice compromise would be going to a resort, which is located somewhere in the middle on the list of well-known mountain centers. A good choice in this case is Arosa - Swiss resort located in the canton of Grisons, in Graubünden Alps, a few hour drive south of Zurich.

Arosa is a well-known tourist center, and a resort popular among people suffering from tuberculosis. It’s located in the valley of the river Plessur, about 6 km from St. Peter-Pagig. 7 km is the distance between Arosa and Tschiertschen, and from the famous Davos-12 km. The winter season starts here 30.11.2013 and continues until 04.21.2014.

Arosa - a small pearl of Switzerland

Arosa is a resort located in the beautiful scenery. Not too long ago it was a charming, intimate town - perfect for a quiet weekend amid mountain peaks. In 2013, its slopes and adjacent Lenzerheide were connected by the network of ski lifts, creating 225 km of ski runs. Most of the local slopes are best for intermediate skiers, but more experienced will also find something suitable – there’s a few black, hard descents. Beginners can enjoy 111 km of blue runs(with the total number of 67), for the other waits 87 km of red runs (28) and 27 of black runs (14). The length of the longest run is 10.4 km. Today, Arosa offers superbly prepared slopes operated by 42 modern lifts .

Most of the ski slopes are located on the southern and south-eastern side, so when the weather is nice, skiing can start quite early. You can make a warm-up on the runs below Hörnli, where you can get by the lift Carmenna. It's a great place for beginner fans of off-piste skiing - under the guidance of experienced instructors they can test their skills on a thick layer of snow.

When the weather’s good you can try descend the run number 11. You can get there by chairlift Bruggerhorn. Open spaces provide the opportunity to ski in areas outside the designated trails, which is an additional advantage of the region. Snowboarders can enjoy a half pipe and snow park. Those, who prefer to explore the area in a slightly quieter way, can use one of the 32 km cross-country ski trails.

Skipass prices in Arosa in the season 2013/2014

The development of the resort and increasing number of ski runs and lifts made that ​​the popularity of the resort has risen even more. No wonder - the surroundings are exceptionally beautiful, the air clean and the routes well-maintained. In the upcoming season ski pass prices on the routes of Arosa Lenzerheide are as follows: 1-day pass for a child costs 23 CHF (about 26 EUR). An adult will pay 69 CHF (56,50 EUR), and youths (13-17 years) 46 CHF (38 EUR). The price for a 6-day pass is 111 CHF (91 EUR) for children, 221 CHF (181 EUR) for youth and 332 CHF (272 EUR) for an adult skier. People, who are in love with the local ski runs may consider to buy a carnet for the whole season and come to Arosa more often. The cost of such ticket is 330 CHF (270 EUR) for children, 660 CHF (540 EUR) for youths, and 990 CHF (810 EUR)for adults.

In case we got hungry while skiing, in the upper station of the lift Hörnli is located Hörnli Hut – a restaurant with a large terrace and fantastic views. It serves traditional dishes, including delicious salads. If, however, you have an appetite for a delicious potato rösti, you can shush down to another restaurant, Carmennahutte. Opting for pizza or spaghetti? It’s best to go to Grottino.

Welcome to Arosa !

In Arosa not only skiers will have a great time. The resort is famous for its well-developed infrastructure, besides here take place horse races on ice and snow. Many hockey fans come here as well (there’s club EHC Arosa operating at the resort) .

We won’t have any difficulties in finding an accommodation. There’s a whole bunch of hotels and guest houses waiting for the tourists, there’re also campsites, including Arosa Kemping. The price for the night for two adults and vehicle is 40 EUR. Two adults and two children aged 6-10 years will pay 49 EUR per night. You can come here with your pets, moreover, there’s a free Wi-Fi.

Arosa is a resort, which is still developing, adapting its offer so as to reach out to all - not just to people strictly interested in skiing. A weekend in the charming village will fill us with positive energy and will encourage many to quickly return to the valley of the river Plessur.

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