Spa city - Heviz

The resorts near Lake Balaton attract tourists not only because of their location. The area of one of the largest lakes in Central Europe is also famous for spas and healing properties of the local thermal waters.

Hungarian spas enjoy a well-deserved reputation and interest of tourists from all over Europe. They especially like the resorts scattered around Lake Balaton, including Hévíz, situated approx. 10 km north of the lake. The town surrounded by hills has a unique microclimate, enticing visitors from different countries.

Spa Hévíz

The village is close to Hévíz, the largest natural thermal lake in Europe. Around the tank you can find numerous hotels, amusement parks and spa facilities. Its bottom is covered with a thick layer of peat, and the water contains a large admixture of sulfur. In combination with high temperature (33-34oC in summer and 26-28oC in winter), the whole constitutes a therapeutic blend, which is used by thousands of people.

Bathing in the waters of the lake is recommended for people suffering from locomotive system disorders, gynecological diseases, joints pain, thyroid and gastrointestinal tract diseases. Also people suffering from gall bladder ailments, muscle pain and impaired metabolism come here for therapy. On the other hand, bath in the thermal waters of Hévíz isn’t recommended for patients with heart diseases and tuberculosis, as well as the people affected by malignant tumor.

Thanks to the water temperature you can benefit from baths 12 months a year. Near the lake there’s a spa resort offering a wide range of therapeutic treatments available from 9.00 to 18.30. The admission ticket costs 2 400 HUF (8 EUR)/3 hours. You can also purchase a day pass – it costs 3 700 HUF (12,5 EUR).

Pearl of Lake Balaton - Keszthely

While in the region, we cannot miss Keszthely, the largest city of Lake Balaton. It lies in the north-western part of the lake, surrounded by plains on the south and forests and hills on the north. Heading south from the city, we find the so-called. Small Balaton (Kis-Balaton), which is part of the Zala River’s delta. It’s a nature reserve and habitat for waterfowl.

Thanks to direct bus connections, cruising several times a day, it’s easy to get from Keszthely to Budapest. Equally easy way leads to Vienna, thus is used both by motorized tourists as well as those using public transport.

The resort is an excellent starting point for the northern wine regions of Lake Balaton. Connoisseurs of white wine shouldn’t miss this opportunity to taste the drink made from local cultivars.

Campsites in Hungary

Just a few kilometers from Keszthely, in Gyenesdiás, there’s Wellness Park Camping. It’s opened in the period from 01.03 to 31.10. The stay will appeal especially to people, who love to explore the area on bike - the resort is located right on the route to the Lake Balaton. It offers, among others, accommodation in rooms and grassy plots with access to electricity. In the low season 2 persons, who came with their own motorhome, will spend the night for 13 euros, while in the peak season the cost of your stay rises to 16 euros/day. The price includes hot and cold water, access to the outdoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna, table tennis and tennis court.

Guests of the restaurant located on the campsite can take advantage of free Wi-Fi. Vacationers can spend time playing basketball, volleyball, as well as Pétanque, a traditional French game were you throw boules to the “pig”.

Héviz isn’t only the largest natural thermal lake in Europe. It’s also the only place in our continent, where you can meet amazing red, Indian water lilies growing outdoor. It’s worth coming here at least to see them.

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