Spiritual capital of Norway - Trondheim

Where else in the world will we find a road sign warning tourists against leaving valuable things in the car? In Norwegian Trondheim, where you can also see a famous sanctuary, an elevator for bikes and royal residence made of wood.

Fiords, clean lakes and rivers, raw mountains and amazing views, which can be admired from their tops, attract people to Norway just as much as the monuments. One of the resorts, which will definitely engrave in memory of everyone, who’ll visit the capital of Norwegian salmon, is Trondheim. It’s the northernmost city with trams. Here you can also find the biggest percentage of bikers in the whole Norway. What’s more, Nordheim has the only elevator for bikes in the whole world. It’s called Trappe and is a peculiar lift, which runs up along the street Brubakken.

In the near vicinity of Trappe, there’s a fortress Kristiansen, another tourist attraction of the city. It’s located on a hill, from which extends the most beautiful panorama of the city. Both the fortress, as well as its neighbor - bridge Gamle Bybro (“old town bridge”) were established in the 2nd half of XVII century, to protect the city. Nowadays, the fortress is a great viewpoint on the whole Trondheim, while the bridge itself is a huge attraction due to its abundant décor. It’s one of the main symbols of the city, and while strolling on it, you can see another characteristic element – port warehouses on stakes.

Attractions of Trondheim

An important attractions of the city can be seen during a 1,5 hour cruise on the local waters (the cruise begins in Ravnkloa). If someone has more time, should necessarily go to Nidaros Cathedral, created on the grave of King Olaf II, announced saint. Nidarosdomen is a national sanctuary of Norway, a huge building, attracting hundreds of pilgrimages from all over the country, who wanted to see this architectural miracle at least once. Today it arouses an equally big interest – it’s visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Aforementioned Ravnkloa is located on the coast, near fish market. It’s a place from which you can get to a tiny island of Munkholmen. In times of the Vikings it held trials, later a monastery was built, and then the island became a fortress protecting the city. Today, it can be visited with a guide. It’s worth mentioning, that under the walls of the fortress extends one of the most popular bathing points in Trondheim.

A priceless monument of the city is archbishop’s palace. It’s the oldest secular building in whole Scandinavia, and one of the best-preserved architectural complexes of this king in Europe. Southern wing of the palace houses the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, while the western – tan exhibition of royal jewels, Museum of Resistance Movement and Military Museum.

When talking about the records, it’s hard not to mention about Stiftsgården, a XVIII century royal residence, which is the biggest wooden palace in Scandinavia. It attracts the attention of tourists due to its impressive sizes as well as the construction.

Dancing City

Trondheim is also famous for rock and pop museum. Rockheim (lit. “A stone house”) was opened in 2010, and visitors could listen to popular songs, starting with those from 50’s of last century to the newest hits. It can be found in port.

If someone has arrived with his own car, he can leave it on university’s parking next to the cathedral. It costs 50Kr. And if someone wanted to stay a bit longer in this picturesque place, can check Vikhammer Camping A/S. It’s located approx. 14 km west from Trondheim, and when it comes to the question of money, a place for motorhome costs 230Kr, while for the access to electricity – 3Kr.

Norway boasts of many attractions, both natural, as well as cultural. In Trondheim we will find everything, and we won’t ever forget these magical views.

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