Camping Skrila - Stara Baska

Stara Baška, hidden in the rocks

Croatia offers tourists loud resorts with tons of entertainment, but also hidden from the crowds, towns nestled into the steep slopes. One of them is Stara Baška, on the island of Krk. It is made for family leisure far from the tumult of the large cities.

15 years ago one could get to the honest Stara Baška, only by boat, while today it is one of the most liked towns of the Croatian island of Krk. Not many residents, slightly more tourists, which means that this is the perfect place for quiet enjoyment of your holiday in a beautiful surrounding.

The peace of Stara Baška

The peace of the village isn’t at all caused by lack of attractions. The cause is very prosaic- there isn’t a single hotel there. The historical buildings are located on a rocky steep slope, which makes it unable to reach the town by bus. This means that there are no organised trips here and therefore lack of crowds. At the same time, a tourist in need of resting in peace and quiet will without a problem find accommodation in one of the private apartments made available by the residents.

When it comes to the beach itself, during season having a lone place by the shore will not be a problem for anyone. It is easy to enjoy the privacy and the awareness that you are alone with nature. It is easy to figure out that out of season we can feel like a king of not only a piece, but the whole beach.

The attractions of the town

Even though the village of Stara Baška is of small size, during season there are four restaurants open. Three out of them are located nearby the marina and serve tourists the standar dishes of the region, while the fourth can surprise even an experienced epicure and a searcher of new culinary experiences. If someone desires, not just to eat supper, but be part of a real feast and is able to pay more for this (this restaurant is ore expensive than it’s competition by the marina); they should visit Besca Vecchia. It is near the shop and opposite the church.

Lovers of fish dishes should definitely visit the marina. Many residents are involved in fishing and if we manage to go to the marina before noon, we will have a chance to buy fresh fish from the morning’s catch.

After diner it is worth to go to the beach, the largest tourist tramp of Stara Baška, Oprna. During season by the road leading to it, there is a string of parked cars- tourists tempted by the beauty of the bay come there from far away.

Camping Skrila - Stara Baska

In Stara Baška itself, we can find a few beaches that are as beautiful as Oprna, similarly as the neighbouring bays. People, who decided to rest away from the town, have a restricted access to them, due to problems with finding of a parking space. This then is yet another argument to come here on one’s own and stay in one of the guest houses.

Staying overnight in a motorhome

If someone travels to the Croatian coast by a motorhome and desires to get to know the beaches of Stara Baška, he will probably be interested in the offers of the campings in Croatia. Just next to the town there is Camping Škrila, where a camping spot costs from 21 to 32 EUR. An adult can stay overnight for 5-8 EUR.

There are places more beautiful, with a larger numbers of attractions, with a more highly developed infrastructure. But if we do travel to the south part of the Krk Island, let’s stop for a moment in the fabulous Stara Baška. Blended into the steep slopes has a lot to offer to tourists, who want to rest surrounded by beautiful, although slightly raw nature.

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