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Strong flavor of Beamish

When visiting Ireland, you can go to Cork for a pint of dark beer. Strong bitterness of beer made from highly roasted barley malt may not suit everyone, nonetheless the city still has many other advantages, for which it’s really worth coming here.

Cork is a large Irish town (second in terms of size), the center of which lies on an island between the main beds of the River Lee. It’s located at the outlet of the river to the Celtic Sea, and most of its streets appeared after filling up the river channels. In the past it was a place full of wetlands, as you can clearly guess from the name, which was derived from the Irish Corcach Mór Mumhan (The Great Marsh of Munster).

The city vibrates with life and youth. There’re numerous clubs and pubs, it's full of students and good music. Once a year it hosts the jazz festival, as well as choral and opera festival that draws attention of classical music lovers.

City by bus - Cork City Tour

Anyone, who visits Cork for the first time, should consider a tour bus and get to know the main attractions of the city as a part of Cork City Tour. The ticket is valid all day, so even though the tour itself takes about an hour, anytime you can get in and out of the vehicle to look closely to noteworthy attractions. Normal ticket costs 14 euros, student - 12 euros, while young people under 18 years old will pay 5 euros. Children under 5 years old can travel for free.

The most important attractions of Cork include a monumental neo-Gothic Cathedral of St. Finbar that was founded in the nineteenth century. The whole construction took only a few years, but the finishing works were still in progress during the early years of the twentieth century. Attention to detail can be seen both in the interior of the temple, as well as outside, when we look at the impressive façade with the statues of saints. Especially noteworthy are beautiful stained glass windows.

The cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Anne, also known as Shandon, comes from the Neo-Gothic era as well. Its tower is decorated with four clocks showing different time (The Four Faced Liar), moreover it’s built from red and white sandstone, in the colors of County Cork.

The city of students and butter

As it was already mentioned above, Cork is full of young people, largely students of the local universities - University College Cork. It’s attended by over 18,000 people, of which nearly 2.5 thousands are students from abroad. University buildings are scattered around the oldest building like planets orbiting the sun. It’s a powerful, stunning building in the Tudor Gothic style.

Another place worth visiting is the elegant market under the roof, called English Market. On the mezzanine there’re restaurants, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner, while on the market purchase nice, local products. Covered Market is adorned with beautiful Victorian vault.

Among the many interesting museums you can find Cork Butter Museum (in the past, the city was a major supplier of butter for merchant ships bound for the West Indies), as well as Cork Public Museum and Cork City Gaol, which is a municipal prison, where instead of prisoners there’re waxworks. The building also houses the Museum of Radio.

Campsite near Cork

Tourists, who come to the area with their own vehicle, won’t have to look far for an accommodation. About 6 km north of the city there’s Caravan and Camping Park Blarney. Per a night stay (2 adults plus position for motorhome) will pay 24 euros. The price includes access to showers, while the connection to electricity supply costs 3 euros a day.

We cannot end this story without mentioning about one very important topic. Since we are in Ireland, we have to say at least few words about beer. In Dublin, there’s famous Guinness Brewery while in Cork was founded the Beamish and Crawford Brewery, brewing one of the best beers in the country. After visiting guests can enjoy the most interesting part of the tour, which is beer tasting. Dark Beamish with a delicate, creamy foam will appeal to everybody, who like strong bitterness. It's worth a try because in Poland it’s a very rare brand.

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