Stubai Glacier

Stubai Glacier

In the largest ski resort in Austria, the season began a long time ago. Thanks to the excellent location, the Stubai Glacier provides excellent snow conditions from October to June .

Stubai Glacier, covering the surface of 12km2, is the largest winter sports center in Austria. Thanks to the appropriate heights between 1 750 and 3 200 m, it guarantees amazing snow conditions .

Austria can boast of a ski resort functioning much longer than its competition. Thanks to the location at 1 750-3 200 m, winter sports enthusiasts can come here in months, in which other centers are already closed. Great conditions for skiing last here from October to June. And what resort are we talking about? The Stubai Glacier and its slopes, attracting thousands of avid skiers – more and more each year.

The resort is easily accessible. From the north, we can use Brennerautobahn highway (from Innsbruck to exit at Schönberg), then, after driving about 30 km through the national road Stubai Bundesstraße, we get down to the lower station Mutterberg.

Stubai Glacier - offer for skiers

The largest and most famous Austrian winter sports resort enjoys a well-deserved reputation. Its main advantages include, among others, an exceptionally long season, beautiful landscapes and exquisite trails. Stubai Glacier tempts with very well prepared trails, 3 ski schools and 2 ski rentals. 110 km of ski runs of varying difficulty are operated by 25 lifts - 7 chairlifts, 5 gondolas, 9 t-bars and 4 magic carpets for children. Skiers can get to the slopes by free ski busses, which runs until early May .

Lovers of winter sports can explore the area by traversing an alpine cross-country trail, or winter cross-country skiing trails (88 km). Visitors can enjoy the trail where they can measure the speed and 10 toboggan runs. In the area of ​​the resort there’s an ice climbing tower, freeride zone, and a Cup training section. Snowboarders can use the snowpark Moreboards Stubai Zoo, while lovers of scenic, panoramic trails will appreciate the beauty of downhill slope Wilde Grub'n (10 km). Even more pleased will be people, who love to admire the landscapes from the top – the observation deck Top of Tyrol overlooks a magnificent, panoramic view of the entire valley.

Stubai Glacier also offers two trails with time measurement, a section with speed measurement and track for descending in rubber rafts. Families with children won’t get bored here either – there’s a Mickey Mouse ski club, where children (from 4 years) can learn to ski under the supervision of experienced instructors. Besides, kids and seniors can use a specially prepared slope number 7. On the glacier, there’s also a BIG Family Ski School Skicamp and a kindergarten.

Ticket prices for the season 2013/2014

The ski season on the Stubai glacier began on 20th September 2013 and will last until June 30th, 2014 . If we would like to use all the lifts, it’s best to purchase Stubaier Super Ski Pass. It’s valid in the period from 12.10.2013 to 05.03.2014. The price of a 1 -day ski pass is 42,00 EUR - after buying it, we can go skiing already at 8.00. Slightly less we’ll pay for the pass allowing to ski from 11.00 - 38.50 EUR. For a week of skiing, an adult will pay 223,00 EUR, youth - 145.00 EUR, while the ticket for a child costs 111.50 EUR.

Stubai has been named the “Kingdom of Snow” not without a reason. Its excellent skiing conditions won numerous awards (including the ADAC Skiguide), and the center has received honors in categories such as: region-friendly environment, the best alpine ski area for families, the quality of slopes and catering.

What after skiing?

When we get tired of skiing, we can visit one of the few restaurants for a decent meal. The menu of local cafes and eateries is extremely varied, ranging from simple snacks to gourmet cuisine of different countries. Tourists will be pleased with the standard of service and a wealth of flavors in modern, self-service restaurants. It’s worth to try dishes from the menu of the restaurant Zur Goldenen Gams, and go to a party at the bar at the top of the lift station Gamsgarten.

After a lavish meal it’s time to rest a bit. Where can stop those, who came to the glacier with their own motorhome? A good choice would be Camping Stubai, about 11 km away from the resort. The accommodation for an adult costs 5.40 EUR per night, a child - 3,80 EUR, and a place for the vehicle costs 6,30 EUR. There’s a sauna and a hot tub on the campsite.

Stubai is perfect for families with children, but also a group of teenage snowboarding fans will have a great fun here. Climatic villages gathered in the valley offer many opportunities for entertainment and more or less active recreation. Great mountain climate is good even for people with allergies. What more can we add? It’s worth to visit this beautiful Austrian resort, even if we don’t like skiing that much.

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