Alhambra na tle gór Sierra Nevada

The city of free tapas - Granada

Granada streets are narrow, houses stand close to each other, so it's pretty easy to get lost. Not without reason the city's name refers to pomegranate - the fruit with seeds which form a tight set, huddled together like a very close family.

Granada's main street is crowded and loud. It doesn’t differ too much from the other major streets of other Spanish cities or other countries – it’s full of bars, fast foods and branded boutiques. You just have to enter into a tangle of side streets to discover the real charm of the place. They constitute a climate maze, where your eyes encounter beautiful houses and charming squares on every corner.

Guardian of Sabika Hill

The greatest pride of Granada is Alhambra, the best preserved Arab palace of the world. Its silhouette dominates the city, proudly crowning the top of the Sabika Hill. Behind the building, in a distance of approx. 30 km, silhouettes the massif of the Sierra Nevada.

Alhambra is a must see, which is evidenced by the crowds waiting in line for the ticket (cost - 13€). Tourists can enter the area every half an hour. Tickets are valid only for the day at a specific time - keep that in mind, in order not to be late, don’t waste money and the chance to visit the palace.

The pearl of Andalucia stuns with amazing interiors, which is surprising for tourists – from the outside it doesn’t look so splendid. The main complex consists of the palace of Charles V, Alcazaba fortress (with a wonderful view of the city and mountains) and Nasrid palaces with dozens of chambers and beautiful courtyards with intricate carvings columns, mosaics and ornaments. The most photographed place in the palace is the Courtyard of Lions. It’s surrounded by arcades, with a monumental fountain supported by 12 sculptures of lions standing in the center.

Outside the palace walls extend fabulous gardens, with happily murmuring fountains hidden among lush vegetation. There’re also romantic waterfalls, ponds and canals. You can also visit the palace complex in the night.

Dancing city

Granada is colorful and sensual. In the evening, you can see passionate and expressive flamenco performances in the gypsy district, on a hill of Sacramonte. Its inhabitants lead traditional life in the so-called. cuevas, which are tiny houses partly carved into the rock.

Little Morocco is another name for Calle de Tetera district, which lies at the foot of Albaicín. The place is equally noisy. Here we encounter the abundance of Moroccan shops with water pipes, jewelry and tea drinking sets. There’re also stalls with typical Spanish souvenirs, such as castanets or decorative fans. On Sunday mornings there’s a market, where you can buy spices from all over the world. It's a great opportunity to purchase fresh olives and dates, or hand embroidered Spanish scarfs.

Camping in Granada

Tourists, who plan to come to Granada can choose among numerous hostels and apartments in hotels - including Parador San Francisco, located in the gardens of Alhambra. Prices start from over 300 €, but there’re lots of people willing to rent it, so it’s best to book it months in advance. Tourists looking for accommodation in a less expensive location may consider an offer guesthouses.

A short distance from the center, there’s Camping Motel Sierra Nevada. To say that it is very well equipped, is definitely too little – it offers a wide range of services, ranging from restaurants, a supermarket and playground for children, ending on tennis court and swimming pool. It’s adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. One place costs 13.80 € per day, accommodation costs 6.00 € for an adult while for a child aged from 3 to 10 years - 5,10 €. This location provides guests an easy access to every point in the city - buses run every 10 minutes.

In between sightseeing we can visit a cafe or pub and enjoy some delicious tapas. Many restaurants of Granada offers this traditional Andalusian snack as a free add-on for drinks.

Alhambra na tle gór Sierra Nevada Zachód słońca nad Granadą Wzgórze Sacramonte Alhambra Granada