The sity of lovers - Terni

The Italian province of Terni impresses with its beauty, waterfalls, streams, and lush green forests. Its heart is the city of the same name, known as the birthplace of St. Valentine.

For some people the first association with the "city of lovers" will probably be Paris, for others Verona. Meanwhile, a little Italian town in Umbria, Terni, is a real hiding place for lovers. Their patron, Saint Valentine, was born here.

Steel City

Terni is located less than 105 kilometers north from Rome, in the valley of the river Nera. It was founded by the Romans, and over time evolved into a center producing steel. During World War II it suffered enormous damage caused by allied bombing, but even though is today known as a cradle of Italian industry. Sometimes is referred to as Steel City, as well as Italian Manchester.

It also has a second, far more romantic face. Terni is a birthplace of Saint Valentine, who later had become a bishop and patron of the city - and all lovers. The remains of the saint are kept in the shrine built in his honor.

Walking around Terni

The city doesn’t lack in beautiful monuments, such as Duomo di Terni. Tourists, who visit Terni in the summer, devote much attention to its surrounding area. Another very popular place is Parco Fluviale del Nera - a national park, where you can lose the track of time enjoying the amazing lush greenery and the murmur of streams. It’s a protected area covering the surface of approx. 2200 ha. The area of the Nera valley is full of picturesque waterfalls and lush vegetation among which you can find rare plant species (including ferns). Equally rich is the fauna, including birds of prey (including kestrels).

Park can be explored in several ways, ranging from the standard, which means on foot, by bike kayaking.

Attractions for water enthusiasts

About 7.7 km from Terni there’s a wonderful tourist attraction - the famous 3-step waterfalls Cascata delle Marmore. Being in this region and not see it would be like not being here at all. Due to its impressive height (165 meters) it enjoys the popularity of the highest cascade in Europe.

Cascata delle Marmore

Moving further to the south, we come to another pearl of the region. It's small, but very comely lake Piediluco, finely blended in between the Umbrian hills. Each year international rowing competitions are held there.

Camping at Narni

Tourists, who plan to visit this part of Italy with their motorhome, and are interested especially in the region of Terni, can check one particular place. It’s "Monti del Sole", a campsite with a warm, homely atmosphere. For accommodation an adult has to pay from 7 to 10 euros, while for the position for motorhome - from 8 to 11 euros.

Guests of the campsite have an easy access to the so-called. Green heart of Italy. At a distance of approx. 5 km from Monti del Sole there’s a small town of Narni, in turn if you want to reach Marmore Falls and Lake Piediluco you have to cover the distance of approx. 20 km. It’s a great base from which you can start to explore other towns in the region - including Todi and Spoleto (30 km), Orvieto (50 km) and Assisi and Perugia a little further (80 km).

Terni is the main city of the region offering visitors countless attractions. It’s visited not only by people in love, but also by nature enthusiasts who seek peace in the midst of greenery of surrounding forests.

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