The top 5 e-MTB routes at Garda Trentino

The top 5 e-MTB routes at Garda Trentino

The e-mtb has been an appreciated alternative to the ordinary bike since ever as everyone can discover even the steepest places like Garda Trentino. Anyway, the e-mtb is good also for the city flow! Whatever you prefer, here are five great routes to ride by your e-mtb, to have fun and explore all the corners of Garda Trentino!

The e-mtb has no limits. The electric bike makes the effort lighter so it is perfect to ride on mountains for long or demanding routes!

Garda Trentino is the best location to let you off steam on your bike, mountain bike or e-mtb.

Among the olive tree grove and the vineyards, the northern side of Lake Garda, is a good place to start e-mtb routes and more, for your relaxing but also active holidays in some of our campings.

Give a look to our top 5 e-mtb routes at Garda Trentino to fully enjoy all the features of this special bike in such a special place called Garda Trentino!

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  1. Garda-Sarca loop route (cross-country). Yes, this route is suitable for expert cyclists, but your e-mtb will help you. Come and explore the natural beauty of the southern side of the valley along the Sarca river, its woods and its difficulties. To face the 59.4 km and 8.30 hours of riding, your e-mtb can help when you feel tired. The best way to enjoy the view!
  2. Malga Grassi (All Mountain). A medium difficulty route – be careful on the downhill – that has become one of the classic routes at Garda Trentino. If you ride an ordinary mountain bike, the uphill will be quite challenging, but the e-mtb will make it easier. Anyway, the first stretch of the downhill is dangerous, but you can avoid it. The whole route is 24 km long – it will take about 4.40 hours – and passes through the pretty hamlets of Campi and Pranzo where you can take a break and drink fresh water at the fountain!
  3. Lake Tenno (cross-country). A medium difficulty route perfect for e-mtb. It is one of the most appreciated routes thanks to the view over the cobalt blue lake of Tenno. The route is mostly paved – some stretches are unpaved and cobbled. It takes about 3.15 hours and is 22.5 km long. The key moment? When you take a bath in the lake – if it is warm enough!
  4. Malga Campo (cross-country). This a very fatiguing tour, the difference in height is considerable, but when you get at Malga Campo at Monte Stivo your effort will be paid back. You can benefit from the battery of you e-mtb, but ration it. In autumn, you will cross the chestnut groves of Carobbi! This route is 39.4 km long and you will take about 6.50 hours. Don’t forget to look around… the landscape is amazing.
  5. Marocche (cross-country). This route is suitable for everyone, is easy and comfortable. The slopes are never too steep, in just a few points the incline are of 10%. There are many points of interest along the route – the hermitage of San Paolo, nestled in the rocks, Marocche di Dro, a moon-like and historical course, Pareti Zebrate and the mountain wall of Monte Brento. This route is 28.9 km and 3.20 hours long.

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Would you like to live the emotion of new and unbelievable routes? Rent an E-mtb, come and try one of our top 5 e-mtb courses at Garda Trentino!

In many points, you will also find the recharge stations for your e-mtb. For example, at any Tourist Board Office in Riva del Garda, Arco, Torbole and Tenno, to fully recharge your bike and have a break.

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Another important tip we can give: never give safety for granted! Get ready with the proper equipment and you will explore Garda Trentino on your e-mtb sans souci. Let’s quote Hemingway “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best”.

Enjoy your e-mtb!

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The top 5 e-MTB routes at Garda Trentino The top 5 e-MTB routes at Garda Trentino The top 5 e-MTB routes at Garda Trentino

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