Blue Lagoon

Three colors of Iceland

The rainbow contains of seven colors, where one smoothly changes into another. Finding beauty in all of them guarantee an unforgettable aesthetic experience. Especially, when we choose to go to Iceland for this sensual feast.

Amazing rock formations, waterfalls falling from a great height, deep and dark caves full of mysterious nooks and crannies - the wonders of nature have delighted people for centuries, inviting them to reflect about the ingenuity of nature. Many of them resemble the work of a giant, who really made an effort to do the job well. If that giant had actually existed, he would have undoubtedly lived in Iceland. Because here the wealth of imaginative forms is really breathtaking.

Black Falls

One of the most characteristic masterpieces of nature that occur in Iceland, is a stunning waterfall Svartifoss, also called Black Falls. It’s surrounded by dark columns formed from lava, looking like hewn with a huge hand of an inspired sculptor. We'll find it in Skaftafell National Park, on the southern coast of the island. Wandering through the gulch toward the Black Falls, we can admire the contours of the mountain Sjonasker, silhouetted on the horizon. The surroundings are very interesting, and exploring them would be an unusual experience both for the eyes and ... feet, however it may sound. Everything becomes clear when we see the moss-covered lava fields. Walking on them in shoes with thin soles can be painful.

Skaftafell Park is a part of Vatnajökull National Park, the largest national park in Europe. There’s a campsite within its area, from where you can embark on an expedition to the waterfall, as well as to the glacier (with a guide, of course). The location of the campsite allows us to enjoy the beautiful view right after we wake up.


Blue Lagoon

Now it’s time for the blue. Blaa Lónið, or Blue Lagoon, is a spa resort located within a geothermal area. It’s situated in the south-west of Iceland, about 50 km from Reykjavik, several kilometers south of the town of Keflavik. The water here is abundant in minerals and salts, effective in the treatment of skin diseases, as well as in silica. Its average temperature is about 37 degrees. The ticket costs about 30 euros.

An interesting fact is that the Blue Lagoon is probably the only spa in the world, which was created as a "side effect" of the construction of a geothermal power plant. In the 70-ies of the last century from the ​​wells that were made there, blue water gushed out, gradually attracting more people, who were thirsty for nutritional baths and masks of silica, which can be found in buckets placed around the entire tank.

Green Forests of Thor

Another color of Iceland is green. There’s not too much of it on the island though, so in the place where it stretches shamelessly and juicily, pleases the eye even more. We’re talking about Thórsmörk, the valley known as the "Forests of Thor." It is situated between three glaciers, and each of them has a name, which will twist the tongue of an average tourist: Tindfjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull.

The valley is one of the favorite parts for the Icelanders and visitors from abroad. Many of them spend the time on long walks, as well as few-day hikes, during which they can forget about the business of everyday life, the so-called civilized world.

The flag of Iceland consists of three colors: blue, red and white. We, however, have focused on the green and black, juxtaposed with blue. This beautiful, though somewhat wild island doesn’t lack in other colors, each of which is worth discovering. And admiration.

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