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Top 5 cycle trails for the bike family

The whisper of the wind brushing your hair, the hot summer breeze gliding through the skin, the screech of the two-wheelers on the tarmac marking the rhythm of cycling holidays!

If holidays mean sport, nature and enchanted landscapes to you, Garda Trentino is definitely your ultimate destination! Every kind of bike enthusiasts will find suitable trails or cycle lanes with breathtaking views and glimpses that will stay in your hearth forever and ever.

But when it comes to mum, dad and kids setting off, it’s a bit more difficult to organise cycle transfers and trails for the whole family. Anyway, don’t worry! On Lake Garda it’s possible to practice family biking safely, as for any member of the family to feel happy and gratified!

Here you have 5 not-to-be-missed cycle trails, perfect for kids as well.

  1. The San Martino Family Tour is an easy 7.4-kilometer trail both on tarmac and gravel roads, where you could admire also the Monastery of the Friars Capuchin.
  2. Lago Bagattoli Trail Family Tour is a suggestive 8-kilometer cycling trail overlooking the wonderful Centrale di Fies (a former hydroelectric plant, now home to contemporary art exhibitions and performances). You will cycle plunged into “Marocche” (big rocks formations left by glaciers), a protected area famous for its geological and ecological importance, and in the surrounding vineyard, all along the Sarca River. Easy trail.
  3. Dro and the Via delle Prugne (Plums trail) is another undemanding 9.4-kilometer trail plunged into vineyards and olive groves following the route of an ancient local fruit:the susina (a special kind of plum)!
  4. Monte Brione Family Loop is an easy 8.4-kilometer trail which leaves from the amazing area of Porto San Nicolò (Riva del Garda), a circular tour perfect to admire the surrounding green mountains!
  5. Pratosaiano Family Tour is an easy 9.8 kilometer cycling trail around ancient hamlets, fruit groves and vineyards. It is located in Arco and has a wonderful view on the castle!


Last but not least, two cycle lanes which are the pride and joy of Garda Trentino, really appreciated by those who live here all year round as well. Both are cozy and well-connected: the former is the 18.2-kilometer Mori-Riva del Garda trail, which ends up at the impressive Varone waterfalls, and the latter is the Torbole sul Sarca-Sarche cycle lane. The Valle dei Laghi cycle and walking lane (32.9 kilometers) allows you to admire an area which is naturally devoted to the vino santo (a special kind of dessert wine), a real pride from Trentino.

Anyway, if too long distances scare you a bit, don’t worry! There is a perfect service available for those cyclers who have kids with: from June to September, a special shuttle bus will will carry you from Lake Garda shores to the Brenta Dolomites peaks!

The Ledro Valley line will lead you to discover also the Museum of Stilt Houses, a precious proof of life in early times! As an option, there is also the lane towards Comano and its descending Limarò itinerary down to Sarche (the Limarò Canyon has been carved out by the Sarca River waters, forming many real natural sculptures!) From Sarche, the cycle lane to Torbole sets off (this trail is appropriate to more expert kids!)

Did you realise? With all these opportunities, Garda Trentino is really a synonym for sport, fun, happiness and… a bit of healthy sweat (not only because of the suntan) for all of us!

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