Tropical Islands

Tropical Islands

Tropical islands just across the border? Yes, in Germany, for all those, who are seeking for sun and relaxation on the beach with golden sand, is waiting a hall Tropical Islands. Here you can stroll in a bikini even in winter.

Many of us dream of a tropical holidays, especially now when we are still waiting for winter and try to prepare for the cold days, full of snow. Unfortunately, hot islands are far away, and besides, not everyone can afford an exotic trip. However, if someone really misses sun, beach and palm trees, can visit our western neighbors - powdery sand and warm water await guests just over the border - in Germany.

We are talking about Tropical Islands, a place located 60 km south of Berlin, next to the highway A13 (Berlin-Dresden). Those, who are planning to go with their own vehicle, should leave the highway at the exit Staakow, drive for about 3 km and follow the signs that will lead them to the destination.

Tropical Islands – a heaven under the dome

Tropical Islands appeared on a German land in 2004, covering the area of 66 000 m². It’s located in the biggest, free-standing hall in the world, a former airship hangar. The dome is so huge that it could fit the Statue of Liberty.

Tropical Islands can be visited throughout the year, 24/h. It’s divided into two areas – the Tropical World, with beaches and forest, and the Tropical Sauna & Spa complex, which is the only one area in this amusement park closed for few hours a day – from 1 A.M. to 9 A.M. Here guests will not only feel like on a paradise island, but they will also have the opportunity to try some delicious dishes in one of many restaurants and take advantage of a wide selection of entertainments.

Those, who decide to stay only in one area, will pay 34,5 EUR. The price for the ticket for kids aged 6-14 is 27 EUR, while kids under 5 enter for free. For the possibility of using both zones you have to pay 39,5 EUR in case of an adult, and 27 EUR in case of a child.

Accommodation in tropics

Tropical Islands have virtually everything – starting from exquisite food in local restaurants resembling houses of the South Sea beaches, ending with a wide range of accommodation. Guests can book an accommodation on the area of the park (in comfortable rooms, bungalows or in tents in the Tropical Wood), as well as outside the hall. Those, who choose the second option can use holiday houses, apartments or camping pitches.

Camping Tropical Islands is opened from 1st of April 2014 to 12th of January 2015. It offers about 20 private tents, 34 tipis, as well as 91 places for motorhomes and caravans. The nightly accommodation for 2 adults and child costs approximately 30 EUR.

A significant advantage of the campsite is its location. Not only it’s located near the hall of Tropical Islands, but you can get to it by a free bus. That’s not everything – tourists staying on the campsite pay the admission to the hall only once, and every next day they can enter for free.

On the beach, in the shadow of palm trees

Inside the hall the air temperature is 26°C, and along with high humidity it creates a real, tropical microclimate. You can spend hours lying on the beach, sipping on a drink with a straw, strolling among lush bushes or treating yourself with one of the exquisite dishes of Hindu, Asian (Asian Wok House), or Jabarimba (delicious barbecue) cuisine.

All transactions are made using a special wristband with a credit function. Additional charges apply for, among others, mini golf course, evening show in the Tropical Village and African Jungle Lift.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Europe’s largest tropical island under the dome.

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