Turkish Kemer

Kemer enjoys a great popularity among tourists from Russia and Germany, but is still little known among Poles. It's a good starting point for other region's attractions, ranging from water restaurant Adrasan, through hectares of greenhouses with tomatoes in Kumluca, and ending on the ruins of ancient cities, such as Demre.

When visiting Kemer, it’s impossible not to notice how much was invested in the city. It’s now one of the most famous resorts of the Turkish Riviera, attracting tourists with beaches, most of which has been certified with Blue Flag. In the very heart of it stretches a magnificent park, well maintained, designed with a particular attention to detail. A walk among the greenery and fountains is a real feast for the eyes.

Another attraction is a stay in Moonlight Park, a place situated right on the beach, full of greenery and playgrounds. Apart from the palm trees and fountains its advantages include numerous cafes, bars and small dolphinariums. You can spend all day here and what's more, have a great time at the local disco. In the immediate vicinity of the pebble beach there’s a marina, from where you can depart on a boat trip around the bay. It's a very picturesque place, especially in the evening, when the lights gently skim the surface of the water.

The charms of the resort

Kemer astonishes with its location. The surrounding slopes are covered with forests, while rocky peaks draw an extremely dignified contour over the turquoise sea. The coast is composed of numerous inlets, and the water is almost crystal clear. Picturesqueness of the landscape is complemented by mountains, which in many places fall almost vertically into the sea.

It’s not surprising that such a beautiful place attracts tourists for years. Vacationers from abroad discovered it first, which gives it the advantage over the neighboring resorts that are just developing. Newcomers appreciate the high level of service in local hotels and the easy access to both the Antalya International Airport and surrounding attractions.

The local attractions

When visiting Kemer, it’s worth taking a trip to the town of Tekirova. By car you can reach it in 20 minutes. It’s not crowded even in high season, which allow you to enjoy a relaxing holiday. One of the biggest attractions of the resort is Tekirova Natural Ecological Park, the world's first eco park, where you can admire the plants and amphibians threatened with extinction. It’s open from May 1st to October 12th. It covers an area of 40 000 m², and is a home to coral snakes, cobras, mambas, anacondas, giant lizards and many other creatures under strict protection. You can also meet scorpions, tarantulas, iguanas and Nile crocodiles here. With regard to flora, the park has more than 360,000 species of plants, trees and shrubs from around the world.

A little closer to the resort there’re ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. They can be visited after purchasing an admission ticket to the National Park, which they are a part of. In distant times people planted roses here, but today visitors can walk along the old ancient way among the stones with inscriptions engraved on them. In a shady pine forest there’re also baths, a theater (the best preserved) and an impressive aqueduct from the first century AD.

Traces of the past can also be found in Myra, now bearing the name of Demre. Even before entering the town, you can see the ancient rock tombs, but it worth taking a closer look at them. Local people believe that the death and funeral isn’t the end, but the beginning of a new road. For this reason, tombs and sarcophaguses built there were impressive and rich.

Camping in Kemer

When searching for accommodation, you can take into account the hotels located both in the resort and in the surrounding area. A particularly extensive offer is proposed by Kiris, which can be even called a hotel town, as well as centers of Beldibi and Goynuk. If anyone would prefer to stay at the campsite, may get acquainted with the offer of Engin Pension in Cirali, approx. 15 km south of Kemer. In the low season you can spend the night here for approx. 10.5 euros (the price includes the accommodation for 2 persons and the position for the motorhome).

As some internaut puts it, "in Turkey, each village is located close to something worthy of seeing. In Kemer is the proximity of Antalya, Demre, Kalekoy islands and beautiful Thatali, which can be seen from almost every place”. "Nothing more, nothing less.

Grobowce w Myrze Phaselis Zatoka Moonlight Plaża w Kemer Tahtali