Under the cat's tail - Novalja

The aerial view of Novalja resembles the shape of a cat with a bristling tail. However strange it may sound, the city center is located right underneath it.

Novalja is a beautiful resort, which is located on the Croatian island of Pag. You can get there in two ways - by ferry or by bridge (longer route). Little town tempting with the lush greenery of pine forests nestled in a warm cove waits for tourists. The local beaches are famous for their exceptional beauty, and many of them have a status of the Blue Flag.

The star of Novalja – Zrće

There are just a few places on the Adriatic Sea with so many beautiful beaches around. The charm of comely coves with crystal clear water attracts lovers of blissful lounging on the sand or gravel. Regardless of whether you decide to go north or south, west or east of Croatia, you will come across at least few amazing parts of the scenic coastline.

One of the most beautiful beaches, not only of the island, but of the entire Croatia, is Zrće, awarded with the Blue Flag. In the peak season it’s terribly crowded, covered with hundreds of towels, chairs and umbrellas. It's got everything you need to enjoy your vacation in the seaside resort, including water slides, boats, water skiing, bungee jumping and a part for those, who can’t swim (both children and adults). There are also showers and a range of facilities for people with disabilities, as well as lifeguards, who take a proper care of the safety of tourists.

While other beaches are ideal for families with children, Zrće was created for fans of huge events. In July and August it hosts trance and house music concerts. Around there’re many cafes, where you can rest from the heat, while in the evening you can go to one of the numerous discos, including Calypso, Papaya and Aquarius.

Beaches for families with children

In Stara Novalja stretches a nice sandy beach Pljanka-Trincel, recommended especially for holidaymakers, who visit the island with their children. The water is warm and shallow, so it’s perfect for the little ones, who can merrily dabble here under the supervision of their parents.

Very popular among tourists visiting the island is the beach Ručica, tempting with powdery, golden sand. It’s located about 12 km from Novalja. Because of the fact that you can get there through a picturesque Kanjon, it’s considered the most romantic beach on the island.

Pag has something suitable for everyone, including nudists, who can sunbathe on a pebble beach Sveti Duh, located about 10 km south from Novalja. Part of the beach is occupied by an auto camp of the same name. Apart from motorhomes and cars with caravans, you can also pitch a tent here. This place is a real paradise for caravanners.

Overnight among the beaches

To come here and not stay a bit longer would be a sin. And where you can stop on this beautiful island? You don’t have to look too long - in Novalja there’s a nice Autokamp Straško, in which adult will pay, depending on the season, from 4.10 to 9.50 euros/day, while the position of the motorhome costs from 5.60 to 10.70 euros/day. The campsite is pet friendly and costs 4-6 euros/day for a pet.

A great advantage of the campsite is that it has an access to the beach Straško, offering guests a lot of sports attractions, as well as a shelter from the sun in a pine forest. It also has the Blue Flag status and even a part for nudists.

There’re plenty of beaches on Pag, and each is quite amazing. When we come to Novalja, we will have a very easy access to many of them. Besides gravel, sand and deliciously warm water of astonishing purity, we can enjoy a number of other attractions. So if someone dreams of vacation on the beach, the cat with the bristling invites invites to Croatia.

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