Uppsala - a record by mistake

In Uppsala parties are very loud and long, and you can hear about yearly students’ carnival long after it has ended. The city is also famous for the royal burial mounds and too large cathedral.

Uppsala is the former capital and the fourth largest city in Sweden. It lies in the south-eastern part of the country, less than an hour drive from Stockholm (route E4). It’s well known university center in Europe and, as it befits, vibrates with life and endless fun.

Spring witches expelling

The fact that Uppsala attracts young people from different countries can be seen especially during the great student holiday - Sista April. It’s partly a yearly students’ carnival and partly a free interpretation of the so-called Walpurgisnacht, the night of evil spirits. Legends of Sabbaths on top of the Brocken Mountain in the night of 30th April to 1st May and traditions of kindling bonfires on the hills to expel witches have become the opportunity for parties, attended by thousands of people each year.

Today, Sista April begins with a solemn speech of the representative of the university authorities, and the party is held in elegant, sixteenth-century palace. Participants party till the morning hours with mugs of beer and singing to welcome spring.

Uppsala’s records

The main attraction of the city is Domkyrka. However it may sound, the largest Gothic cathedral in Scandinavia wasn’t supposed to be so huge. Its dimensions are the result of the mistake similar to the mistake of an artist, who created Lara Croft’s breasts. He just clicked on one or two times too many. The builders of Swedish temple were mistaken in their accounts, changing feet to meters. The result is a cathedral higher over three times than planned.

The gigantic temple owes its fame not only to the size (118.7 meters long, 45 meters wide). The crypts hide bodies of Swedish rulers (including Gustav Vasa) and the relics of the king and patron of the country, St. Eric of Sweden. The cathedral has two skyscraping towers, and one of them has two bells coming from Poland. One of them, majestic Thornan, is the largest church bell in Sweden.

Equally impressive ibn design is Son’s Window (Sonens fönster), located above the south portal. With 119 meters of the surface can be proud of a well-deserved reputation of Sweden's largest stained glass.

Campsite in Uppsala

In addition to the famous cathedral in Uppsala we’ll also find many parks, including the one surrounding the palace complex Uppsala Slott or adjacent to the building of the Museum of Carl Linnaeus - Linnetradgarden (Linnaeus garden). Around the building in which the genius professor lived, you can find around 1600 species of exotic plants. Equally beautiful is Botaniska Tradgarden.

A slightly different attractions are the royal burial mounds lying in the town of Gamla Uppsala located approx. 5 km from the city. According to early sources in the past it was famous in the whole Northern Europe. It’s full of precious archaeological finds, and the area itself is quiet and full of greenery.

From Gamla Uppsala you can get to a year-round camping Fyrishov in less than 10 minutes by car. Nightly accommodation costs 100 SEK (10 EUR) (for child 80 SEK/8 EUR). Parking space is included in the price. There’s an indoor swimming pool and recreation center. Among the plenty of entertainment offered by the campsite, you can mention a number of events, kayak rentals, football pitch and a course for mini golf. It’s a perfect starting point for further trips to the city and surrounding areas.

As you can see, in Uppsala you can find not only the monuments. The city also tempts those, who simply want to relax in a beautiful place, surrounded by greenery.

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