Valentines in Prague, and much more

If you haven’t been to Prague yet, it’s high time to change it. The capital of Czech Republic has really a lot to offer, especially for those, who’d love to spend the time contemplating feelings between them and their loved ones.

Romantic trip with a soulmate is a popular idea for celebrating the special day, such as wedding anniversary, the day of the first meeting, first kiss, or some other fact with sentimental meaning. It would be a good idea to go for a romantic trip on Valentine's Day. After all, it’s a special day for all, who enjoy being with the other person, so it concerns every couple, regardless of how long they’re together.

And where you can spend this extraordinary day? There’re plenty of ideas, ranging from the charming, but not too original, concept of a trip to Paris plus a dinner in a restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower, ending with the crazy day trips to theme parks. Picturesque Venice enjoys a pretty huge interest in this period, with its gondolas, as well as Prague, offering guests (not only those in love) great scenery. A night walk across the Charles Bridge provides unforgettable views of the city sprinkled with lights.

Romantic Prague

Prague is worth visiting in every time of the year. It’s located quiet close to the Polish-Czech border (approximately 150 km from the past border crossing Kudowa Słone-Nachod), and the route is very easy – just take the main road Warsaw-Praguse, that is the road no. E67.

What awaits us in the city apart from monuments and the atmosphere of the wonderful past? For sure an exquisite cuisine, which in connection with excellent beer will make you feel amazing. After long walks through the alleys of Mala Strana, or after a ship cruise on Vltava River, you can sit in one of dozens of restaurants or cafes and rest a bit with your beloved one. When it comes to the prices, in Hradčany or in Old Town they are quite high, so if you want to eat well without spending too much money, you should visit the district of Vinohrady or Žižkov. While being in the second one, it’s worth to climb the highest Prague construction, that is Žižkov Television Tower. The picture of Prague admired from the height of 216 m will linger in our memory for a long time.

The aforementioned Malá Strana is located next to the castle, by the lower bank of Vltava River. A stroll through its streets is a real feat for the eyes – here you can admire lots of amazing townhouses and churches (including St. Nicholas Church). During a walk it’s worth to take a closer look at Lennon Wall, on which each day appear newer patterns. It’s a symbol of the ideals of the youth and the fight against the regime.

The must sees

The capital city of Czech Republic is one of the most attractive European cities. It attract tourists with monuments, including the world’s biggest castle complex. Hradčany, built in IX century was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and Guinness World Records. It covers the area of over 70 000 m², and besides its impressive size it also delights with the splendor of its buildings. Its queen is the St. Vitus Cathedral, which was under construction for over 600 years. Stained-glass window, located at its façade was made from over 27 000 pieces of glass. The view is breathtaking.

The most beautiful and, at the same time, most romantic place in Prague is the Town Square of the Old City with historic townhouses and picturesque Old Town Hall. The main attraction is its astronomical clock consisting of two discs, one of which indicated months, while the second –location of celestial bodies. It attracts the attention of pedestrians just as much as the show of moving figures, which takes place every hour.

It’s definitely worth to visit the city center, where Petřín hill is located. On its top stands the Petřínska rozhledna – the copy of Eiffel Tower. Not too far away from the building you can find a mirror maze, where you can pull silly faces, while from its top extends a great view of the city.

Regardless whether you visit Prague only for one day, or stay here longer, the charm of the Czech capital city will surely delight you. It couldn’t be otherwise, just because this city is so amazing.

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2014.02.26 10:16
I've don't seen Prague yet. I must go there! It's seems beautiful and magical place. I hope we going there with my husband next year in Valentine :)