Vemdalen - skiing in Sweden

In the central part of Sweden, in the region of Jämtland, is a charming town of Vemdalen. It’s a popular ski base, situated at the foot of the Swedish part of the Scandinavian Mountains. The ski season, generally, lasts here from late October to April. About half of the slopes is artificially snowed. The beauty of the region attracts fans of severe landscapes, and a variety of leisure facilities makes that each year the resort is visited by thousands of winter sports enthusiasts.

Ski Resort Vemdalen

Vemdalen advertises itself as a resort, where snow is guaranteed. In the period from 20 December 2013 to 23 April 2014 tourists can be sure that they will have access to at least 26 ski runs, including those, with a minimum 300-meter descend. Vemdalen can boast of exceptionally good conditions for winter sports - the resort is located at a high altitude, besides in winter the thermometer consistently shows the temperatures below zero, which results in heavy snowfalls. In case that for some reason the thickness of the snow cover was insufficient, modern snow-making system will provide ideal conditions for skiing. In other words, there’s no way that there was no snow, and the holiday was unsuccessful.

Skiers from around the world can use several ski slopes, forming jointly the resort Vemdalen: Vemdalsskalet, Björnrike and Klövsjö/Storhogna. Each of them has its own modern lifts and a snow park, besides the region is cut by 70km of trails prepared specifically for cross-country skiers. Snowboarders won’t complain about the boredom either – they can enjoy a variety of activities in Skalsfjallet. 54 of wide and long runs of all difficulty levels are operated by 30 lifts.

Vemdalen attracts thousands of tourists with its neat ski runs, of which 33% are perfect for non-advanced skiers (green), 25% are blue runs, 24% - red, while 18% are black runs. In Vemdalen everyone will find an appropriate slope for themselves, but the beginners will be most happy. They can learn to ski under the supervision of experienced instructors in the local ski school and, by the way, get acquainted with the surroundings, the beauty of which is breathtaking.

Ticket prices in Vemdalen in the season 2013/2014

In Vemdalen tourists have plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Volunteers can enjoy ice climbing, snowmobiling, explore the area during the dog sledding tours, and typically- riding on one or two boards. The fans of the latter entertainment will probably be the most interested in ticket prices for the upcoming winter season. It’s worth to know that after purchasing of the Vemdalen's SkiPass, you can use the slopes of all three centers. For 1-day pass an adult will pay 345 SEK (about 38,67 EUR), while children and seniors - 280 SEK (about 31,38 EUR). A week of skiing costs, respectively, 1,635 SEK and 1,310 SEK, while the possibility of skiing on the slopes in the evening you’ll pay 140 SEK (adults) and 110 SEK (children and seniors).

Till the end of March, two days a week you can go skiing after nightfall. On the slopes Vemdalsskalet you’ll be able to ski till 27th April 2014, while on the slopes Klövsjö/Storhogna - until April 24th.

Where to stay?

In each village of the resort you will find something attractive. In Björnrike you can eat a gourmet pizza in one of the three dining locals, and in a tiny Vemdalen you can stock up on food – there’re several grocery stores, bakery, florist and a gift shop. In turn, Storhogna attracts tourists with the possibility to relax in the local Spa & Wellness center, a Storhogna Högfjällshotell&Spa. Vacationers can indulge in a range of massages, body and face treatments, they may also go for a swim or relax in the sauna. Both the resort, as well as Hotell Klövsjöfjälattracted attract visitors with an interesting après ski offer.

Tourists visiting the resort won’t have any difficulties in finding an accommodation. They can stay in one of the numerous hotels, guests can enjoy the guesthouses, hostels and campsites, including year-round Vemdalens Camping (Landsvägen 8, 840 92 Vemdalen). The prices for people, who come with their camper or caravan start from 150 SEK/day. It’s a well-equipped and welcoming campsite – there’s a restaurant, a cafe and a children's playground, except that it’s fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Credit cards are accepted, and the entire area has an access to the Internet. Another advantage is the possibility of taking your pets here.

Beautiful scenery, clean air and snow throughout the whole season - this is Vemdalens’ offer. People, who love winter and skiing don’t need to be convinced that coming here is a great decision.

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It's very good place for skiing. I can recommend Vemdalens Camping for You.