Marinmuseum Karlskrona

Visiting Karlskrona

Karlskrona is a charming Swedish town, spread on over 33 islands of Blekinge archipelago. A walk through it is an unforgettable experience, because every next moment we find ourselves on a different island. On one you can dine, on the second party in the club, on another find an accommodation.

The most important part of the city is located on the island of Trossö, where is also a port with the yard. The entrance is guarded by two forts with excellent defenses, after all, according to the intention of the founder, King Charles XI, it was supposed to be a powerful sea gate, repulsing attacks of enemy troops. Apparently, the Swedish king inquired pirates, looking for some tips as to the choice of the most strategic place for navy. He made the right decision – the city that owes him its name, has never been conquered either from the sea or land.

Karlskrona attractions

The city isn’t too old, so there’s no use to look for some antique monuments. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t places that could tell some interesting stories from the past. The heart of Karlskrona is Stortorget, one of the largest markets in Europe. Each weekend the fair is held here. The central position is occupied by a nineteenth century monument of the founder. Just next to the monument there’s a water tower, resembling a medieval castle. It’s commonly referred to as "water castle", and now it houses a private art museum of Kulenovic family. Here you can see, among others, the painting of Madonna and Child created by Leonard.

Another attraction of the square are the temples: the Church of Frederick and the Church of the Holy Trinity (German Church). Both buildings were designed by one architect, though they emerged with an interval of a quarter-century. Next to the main square there’s also an eighteenth-century town hall, as well as an ice cream parlor Glassiaren (The Glacier). Its products enjoy a tremendous popularity - winding queues of customers aren’t anything rare. If someone has some time and a lot of patience, can stand together with others in a long queue and get acquaint with the taste of famous ice-creams.

The port of Karlskrona

Karlskrona sights are beautiful and definitely deserve the attention, but an undeniable star of the city is the port. It has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a timeless testimony of culture and history. It attracts thousands of tourists to this little (inhabited by slightly over 30 000 inhabitants) town.

Karlskrona houses several museums, including Marinmuseum (Naval Museum). It belongs to the most frequently visited museums of its kind in the entire Sweden. Here you can see a collection of galleon sculptures, walk through the underwater tunnel and shoot the cannon. They can be found on the island of Stumholmen.

Overnight in Sweden in a nutshell

Those, who are interested in finding an accommodation as close to Karlskrona as possible, may consider Dragsö Camping. It’s located in the suburbs, on the charming island, to which leads a straight and nice path. For a place for motorhome you’ll have to pay approx. 155-245 SEK. The price includes a nightly accommodation for 2 people, the access to electricity and Wi-Fi.

Having such a large selection of islets, anyone who visits Karlskrona, will find the most suitable place. Whether it’s bustling Trossö, or the opposite, the uninhabited Stakholmen - no matter which island we choose, a trip to the city of Charles I will be engraved deep in our memory.

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