Zuberec - skiing in the Western Tatras

In the Western Tatras, there’s a popular tourist destination, Zuberec. The place situated at the foot of the rocky Roháče and Skorušinské Vrchy, is an excellent starting point of demanding trails of the local ridges.

Zuberec lies at an altitude of 734 meters above sea level, and the beauty of the area attracts tourists throughout the whole year. In the summer, lovers of nature contemplate the clarity of Roháčske plesá (ponds), while in winter skiers shred the slopes of three centers - Milotin, Spálená-Zverovka and Janovky. Each of them offers guests artificially snowed ski runs, where they can enjoy all the activities associated with mountain winter.

Zuberec in winter

The resort Janovky is popular among people of all ages, but the biggest attention it receives from families with children. Visitors can use three ski lifts, besides, near the slopes there’s a large car park and snack bars serving delicious meals.

Another resort is Milotin, located in the immediate vicinity of Janovky. It has three lifts as well, but additionally,  skiers have the access to the routes of both centers after buying an appropriate ski pass.

The third of the siblings is Spálená-Zverovka, offering four lifts, including a 4-seater. The resort may not have many routes (only three), but each of them is different - beginners and children can ski on easy, blue route, for intermediate skiers is waiting the red one, and for those, who don’t have any limits – a well prepared, difficult black route.

In the shadow of Roháče

Those, who decided to visit Roháče, because they love nature and challenges, probably plan long walks among the peaks. Daredevils, who fear nothing, may try to conquer the route, defined by some "Eagle’s Path of Western Tatras." It’s an ambitious trail, that requires good health and excellent preparation – there’re sections, where the path leads right along the ridge, so the views are not only amazing, but also a bit frightening.

You can explore Roháče even without climbing with chains and other safeguards. Tourists, willing to discover the raw beauty of the Slovak mountains have many options. There’re excellent conditions for alpine hiking, including cycling routes.

Holidays in the Western Tatras

Guests of Zuberec are welcome to use the offer of the local ski and snowboard rentals. Beginners can learn in ski and snowboard school, while the youngest skiers will be prepared by professional instructors before they hit the slopes. There’s also ski service and several car parks – in general, the local tourist infrastructure is highly-developed. We can try delicious cuisine in one of the many restaurants or bars, we won’t have any problems with finding a suitable accommodation either.

While in Zuberec, it's worth to devote some time to get acquaint with the local attractions. Dog lovers should visit the resort at the beginning of February and March, when it hosts dog sled races, in which pet teams foght for the European Cup. The attractions of the area also include Orava Village Museum in Brestová, located 3 km away. This picturesque heritage village lying on both sides of Cold Water Orava, considered as one of the most beautiful museums of folk architecture in Europe.

With each passing year Zuberec increasingly opens up to visitors. For some, it's a plus, because it greatly expands the range of services in support of tourism, for others, however, a minus, because the center is losing its intimate climate in favor of commercialism. Nonetheless, you can easily assume that both parties - lovers of peace and tranquility, as well as those more active and fond of buzz - will find in this village something suitable.

Museum Oravska Village Western Tatry Skansen

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