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There’s a school that allows to practice kitesurfing to anyone, who wants to get acquaint with this fascinating sport. KiteSchool is a center of learning and practicing kitesurfing, being a collaboration of extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the country. Love for kitesurfing unites them just as much as friendship does, so - despite the kilometers between them – they’re able to quickly arrange for a joint expedition.

Thanks to KiteSchool, those, willing to learn the secrets of kitesurfing, are able to do it safely and efficiently, and above all - in a friendly, casual atmosphere. The center tries to remain prices as low as possible so that the new, thrilling kind of sport was accessible to everyone, not just to a few chaps. But the favorable prices are just one of the many advantages of KiteSchool. The climate of the Jurata base can be compared to the "Polish Hawaii" - here learning is nothing but a great fun.

The offer that KiteShool has prepared for those willing to learn new sports, is extremely rich. Apart from the base located in Jurata, people can practice during trips abroad to Egypt, Greece, Spain, Brazil and France. Kitesurfers of any level of ability can participate in courses. What's more, kitesurfing camps are organized throughout the summer, so there will be plenty of opportunities to check your skills.

KiteSchool also offers snowkiting courses, as well as snowboarding courses and trips. We also have a well-equipped shop (, where you can find brands like: Wainman Hawaii, Liquid Force, Shinnboarding, Nobile, Dakine, O'Neill, 77project, Signal Snowboards, Drake, Northwave, Clast and many more.

Snowboard School

We are a group of people who believe in the meaning of their own actions. Snowboarding is a big part of our lives. The experience during training, in which we take part of allow for action to improve and give more comfort to our adepts.

Commitment and passion allow Us to spend more time away from the hustle and bustle surrounding us reality. This separation gives us energy and allows you to fulfill the role of a snowboard instructors, trainers or guides in activities off piste.

Trainings are conducted depending on the level of the student on several levels. We operate several segments, so that adjust to groups and individual needs Our Riders. -Rookie - all for beginners. -Adept - people recoiling still not feeling confident / comfortable in the snow. -Pro - knowing the technical issues driving the slopes, wanting to improve and broaden their skills. -Freestyle - from butters and flatland (feeling boards, spins, jumps - fun on the slopes) after jibbing and snow park with large jumps (technical, error analysis to the Filmaster status measures). -Freeride - the whole spectrum of activity, presence and drive off route. Safety and visualization journeys in difficult terrain. Splitboard, snowshoos, back country. -Training Avalanche - "Conscious, so safe in the mountains" program in cooperation with PajakSport. theoretical and practical.