Terms and conditions of using the service

  1. General provisions
    1. These regulations set forth the rules of providing electronic services via the Internet service at (hereinafter: “Service”) to end users of the Internet network visiting the Service (hereinafter: “Users”).
    2. The Service is provided by S-Trans, Piotr Kozłowski with its registered office in Bielsko-Biała, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, ul. Świerkowa 28, VAT number: PL9372364105, REGON: 072911180 (hereinafter: “Service Provider”).
    3. These Regulations are the regulations referred to in Art. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Provision of Electronic Services of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204).
  2. Services and using the services
    1. The provided services consist in particular in:
      • providing end users of the Internet network with the content of the Service, including entries and other content relating to travelling;
      • enabling end users of the Internet network enter comments, entries, add their own content and data to the content provided in the Service, as well as use of tools ensuring active use of the Service and information exchange between Users;
    2. The services are available to end users of the Internet network.
    3. The provided services are addressed to:
      • all end users of the Internet network using the Service, with respect to clause 2.1.a
      • end users of the Internet network who made an additional registration in the Service, with respect to clause 2.1.b.
    4. The use of the Service is free of charge which shall be without prejudice to the possibility of introducing certain paid services provided by the Service Provider or third parties; however, each time the Users shall receive appropriate information supporting them in taking informed decisions on the use of paid services.
    5. The Service may publish advertisements and third party announcements, including in the form of commercial content or pop-up advertisements. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the content and form of third party advertisements.
    6. The services may be used properly with a PC, Mac, or similar computer connected to the Internet network, with an operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or similar) and the most recent versions of popular Internet browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari), supporting JAVA SCRIPT. Certain services and tools may require access to an e-mail account; the use of the available video services may require Windows Media Player, version 9 or higher, Adobe Flash Player, version 9 or higher, unless specified otherwise.
    7. When the services are used, cookies may be installed in the User’s IT system. cookies are used by service providers for statistical services, to ensure safety, functionalities and performance of the Service. Standard software used to browse Internet sites enables cookies in the end device as default. The settings may be modifies to block automatic support of cookies in the web browser or to inform the user each time they are sent to the user’s hardware. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods to handle cookies is provided in the settings of the web browser.
      Limited use of cookies may affect certain functionalities available in the web site.
  3. Registration in the Service
    1. The Service referred to in clause 2.3 maybe used by natural persons aged above 13 who accept the Regulations and registers with the Service which ends with an effective opening of an account. Persons who have restricted legal capacity, including persons aged between 13 and 18, may use the Service subject to consent of their parents or other legal representatives.
    2. The registration consist in completing the form to be found at or and in accepting these Regulations. Registration can also be made via a Facebook account. When the Regulations are approved, the agreement is concluded.
    3. One person may have only one account in the Service. Providing access to the account to third parties is prohibited.
    4. By completing the registration procedure in the Service, the User warrants and represents that:
      • He/she has read and accepted the content of the Regulations without any exceptions;
      • He/she accepts that any information published by him/her in the Service will be available to an unlimited group of Internet users. The above does not apply to:
        • e-mail address;
        • account password;
        • activation codes or other confidential data;
      • Additionally, Users may decide if they want their additional details like the first name and surname, age, telephone number. or town, to be visible in the Service.
      • They provide the Service Provider with free of charge authorisation, unrestricted in time or territory, to disseminate their image and data in the materials provided to the Service.
    5. The provision of personal data is voluntary; however, for correct Account registration it is necessary to specify the first name and surname or a nick name and an e-mail address as a minimum at registration.
    6. The login provided during account registration may not be offensive or vulgar and may not generate associations with the Service Provider (e.g. admin123, moderator333, etc).
    7. Each User may view their data, as well as correct and edit such data in the User panel.
    8. The account may be removed by the Administrator without prior notice which will result in complete and irreversible Account removal, if the Service Provider establishes that:
      • the User breaches the provisions of the Regulations;
      • the User fails to login to the Service minimum once in 12 months from the previous login;
      • the User holds more than one Account – in this case all accounts held by such User Accounts may be removed;
  4. Publication of content in the Service
    1. The Service Provider informs that it is prohibited to publish content that may breach the applicable laws or good habits, in particular:
      • with indecent or vulgar content;
      • propagating hatred, in particular in relation to race, sex, nationality, statehood, sexual orientation, offending religious feeling, or questioning atheism;
      • propagating the ideology of Nazism, communism, or questioning the historic truth;
      • breaching any third party personal rights;
      • breaching third party intellectual property rights, including rights to trademarks or other distinctive marks, and copyright and related rights;
      • promoting, encouraging or instructing criminal activity;
      • that may pose a hazard for correct operation of the IT system with which the Service is provided (in particular, within the Service it is prohibited to use bots, viruses, malicious scripts, files, programs, or other tools to attack the Service or the Service Provider’s server).
    2. The Service Provider informs that it is prohibited to publish content infringing upon third party privacy rights or promotional content in the Service.
    3. The User shall be fully liable for their content published in the Service. Should any third party make claims against the Service Provider relating to a breach of their rights by any content published by a User, the User shall be obliged to cover the entire damage suffered by the Service Provider in relation to such claims and reasonable legal costs.
    4. Should a User find out that any content published by another User is non compliant with these Regulations, they may report the fact to the Service Provider sending a message to
    5. The Service Provider informs that if it suspects or detects any incompliance of any content published by Users with these Regulations or the applicable law, it shall be entitled to remove such content.
    6. By sending any multimedia materials to the Service, the User grants a free of charge licence, unrestricted in time and territory to the Service Provider to use such content in the following fields of exploitation:
      • recording with any technique (in any system, format, and on any medium), including e.g. by printing, on photographic film, magnetic tape, digitally, duplication with any technique (in any system, format, and on any medium), including e.g. by printing, on photographic film, magnetic tape, digitally, marketing, downloading to computer memory, to computer and/or multimedia networks, to databases, providing public access so that everybody can access works and the related products at the place and time of their choice (e.g. provision in the Internet, e.g. on any web sites or any paid or free services). as well as within any telecommunications services with the use of any systems and devices (e.g. fixed line and/or mobile telephones, desktop and/or portable computers, as well as transfer with any available technologies, e.g. GSM, UMTS etc., via telecommunications data transfer networks),
  5. Personal data
    1. When these Regulations are accepted, the User agrees to have their personal data processed by the Service Provider.
    2. The Service Provider is a controller of personal data and it shall process the Users’ personal data in accordance with law, in particular in compliance with the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) and the Act on Provision of Electronic Services of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204).
    3. The Service Provider shall process the Users’ personal data to the extent that is necessary to establish, develop the content of the Agreement, modify, terminate and correctly perform electronic services and execute settlements with Users.
    4. Users may view their personal data at any time, as well as to correct such data and demand that such data is removed.
  6. Liability
    1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any comments published by Users.
    2. The Service Provider shall take all reasonable efforts to ensure continuous and unrestricted availability of the Service, however, it may not guarantee and may not be held liable for the availability thereof, and further reserves the right to modify, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any function or feature of the Service to any extent and at any time. The Service Provider informs that any such modification, withdrawal, suspension, or discontinuation of any function or feature of the Service shall not require any prior notification.
    3. The Service Provider shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from incorrect use of the Service, in particular resulting from using the Service by a User or other Users in violation of the provisions of these Regulations.
    4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any problems in using the Service that the Service Provider acting with due diligence could not have predicted or that could not have been prevented or due to acts of God having the nature of force majeure events.
    5. The content in the Service is provided for information purposes only. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure correctness of the information published in the Service; however, the Service Provider does not guarantee that it is complete, exhaustive, accurate, and updated. All risks relating to the use of any content published in the Service shall be borne by Users only.
    6. The Service may contain links to content published in other web sites. This shall not mean that the Service Provider or authors of the content published in the Service have an attitude to such content in other web sites or are liable for such content.
  7. Complaints
    1. Complaints related to the Service shall be sent by e-mail to:
    2. Complaints as a minimum shall specify: the date and time of the event covered by the complaint, an e-mail address of the complainant and a brief description of the complaint.
    3. Complaints shall be reviewed within 14 days from receipt, in the order of their receipt. When the 14day period may not be complied with, the Service Provider shall inform the complainant thereof detailing the reason to prolong the period and the anticipated time by which a response shall be provided.
    4. The result of the complaint review shall be notified to the complainant by e-mail to the address provided in the complaint.
  8. Contests
    1. Within the Service, the Service Provider shall conduct an unlimited contest for the most active users; the activity shall be measured with the quantity of content added to the Service (comments, photos, trip accounts, etc.), summed up in each month.
    2. The points awarded for each activity are presented at
    3. Winners in the above contest shall be awarded in-kind prizes by the Service Provider – the prizes shall be awarded to 3 (three) Users with the largest number of points; the value of each prize will not exceed the amount specified in Art. 21.1.68 of the Act on Personal Income Tax.
    4. The Service Provider reserves the right to take away points awarded to a User, if such points have been earned contrary to good habits and the objective of the contest (e.g. adding an excessive number of photos, publishing trip accounts split into a number of parts, adding pointless comments, non-valid POIs, etc.).
    5. The details of the winners and the prizes shall be published by the Service Provider immediately after the end of each month.
    6. The Service Provider reserves the right to announce other contests.
    7. The Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue the contest specified above without specifying a reason or prior notice to the Service Users.
  9. Settlement of disputes
    1. The European Commission since 15 February 2016., under the address, provides a platform for online settlement of disputes between consumers and businesses at EU level (ODR platform). Our e-mail address, as a potential point of contact in these cases are:
  10. Final provisions
    1. These Regulations shall be governed by Polish law.
    2. The information published in the Service is protected by copyright. Any copying, translating, downloading to memory, processing to other electronic media is prohibited. Copying and using, also in parts, is permitted (with the exception of the permitted use) solely subject to prior consent of the Service Provider. The content and structure of the web site are protected by copyright. Copying of the information, use of texts, in whole or in part, or graphic material shall be subject to prior written consent. The Service Provider holds the sole right to publish and copy the content.