Traffic Regulations in Belarus

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Speed limits in Belarus

Mandatory vehicle equipment in Belarus

High visibility jacket High Visibility Jacket No regulations
First aid kit First Aid Kit Required
Warning triangle Warning triangle Required
Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher Required
Min tire tread depth Minimum tire tread depth No regulations
Winter tires Winter tires No regulations
Snow chains Snow chains No regulations
Vehicle with trailer Vehicle with trailer No regulations
Spare light bulbs Spare light bulbs No regulations
Spare wheel Spare wheel Required
Towing rope Towing rope No regulations

Other regulations for drivers in Belarus

Alcohol level Maximum permissible
blood alcohol level
Use of day lights Use of day driving lights Only during night and bad weather
Use of safety belts Use of safety belts Required
Wild camping Wild camping outside campsites Not allowed

Road tools and charges in Belarus

  • No vignette
  • Toll relative to road section

Emergency telephone numbers in Belarus

European emergency number

Roadside assistance
+375 17 22 20 666 (BKA)

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2019.07.23 09:47
Camprest is not telling you important things! Foreign visitors need visa to enter Belarus, although Grodno district was visa free in 2018 by experiment. You have to rent a toll registering machine from Bell-Toll company for your private car, if it is not registered in Belarus. You cannot use E30 anymore to drive to Москва (Moscow), because Russia has withdrawn it's border controls, since the Commonwhealth Treaty between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan came into effect. Don't think you can illegally cross the Russian border on a Belarus visa, because the Russians have police checks and they will put you in prison. All overland traffic to the Russian capital must drive through Lithuania. If the visa free agreement around Grodno gets continued, do visit Belarus, because it is special and different. You may want to buy cheap petrol, but do you want to sponsor the Belarus dictatorship? Lukashenko has put people asking for democracy in prison, deeming demonstrations as acts of hooliganism, or terrorism, just like Putin does with people who dare to protest against him. Think twice before you go!