Traffic Regulations in Estonia

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Speed limits in Estonia

Mandatory vehicle equipment in Estonia

High visibility jacket High Visibility Jacket Mandatory use of high visibility jacket when leaving the vehicle during accident or breakdown by all passengers and driver
First aid kit First Aid Kit Required
Warning triangle Warning triangle Required
Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher Required
Min tire tread depth Minimum tire tread depth No regulations
Winter tires Winter tires Mandatory during winter months (1 December - end of February; dates may change according to weather)
Snow chains Snow chains Tire chain usage is permitted for hazardous weather only, but may not damage the road surface
Vehicle with trailer Vehicle with trailer Extra side mirrors when width of trailer is higher than vehicle. Extra warning triangle
Spare light bulbs Spare light bulbs No regulations
Spare wheel Spare wheel No regulations
Towing rope Towing rope No regulations

Other regulations for drivers in Estonia

Alcohol level Maximum permissible
blood alcohol level
Use of day lights Use of day driving lights Mandatory 24h
Use of safety belts Use of safety belts Required
Wild camping Wild camping outside campsites No regulations

Road tools and charges in Estonia

  • No tolls

Emergency telephone numbers in Estonia

European emergency number

Roadside assistance
+372 69 79 188

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2019.02.05 00:30
Winter tires minimum tire tread depth is 3mm, summer tires 1,6mm.